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CrossFit Teens Youth Fitness Classes in Glen Burnie, MD

Our CrossFit Teens program is designed for teens who are active in outside athletics or need to start an active lifestyle.

Does your kid need to get out of the house and exercise?

Here at Glen Burnie Fitness & Nutrition, we provide a well rounded CrossFit Teens’ program which is created for your teenager whether they’re active in outdoors sports or if their primary fitness focus will be doing CrossFit with us. Your teenager will likewise find out healthy lifestyle practices which all teens can take advantage of!

If you’re a teen participating in outdoors sports, come develop a strong structure, establish your strength, speed, dexterity, power, & endurance, and get that extra edge to help you stand out at your offered sport beyond CrossFit.

While many schools have sports groups, not all schools have quality strength and conditioning training available. GBFN’s teens program runs 3x a week (Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays), so your teen will get the consistency & self-confidence in their training that they require to help them prosper in their sport.

If you’re a teen who doesn’t complete in other sports, however wishes to enhance your total fitness, we hear you, we see you, and we’re all about that too! Make the dedication to join our CrossFit Teens’ program and imagine what you can accomplish– build strength, endurance, self-confidence, healthy way of life routines, and gain knowledge, friendships, and gains!

  • Does your 10-16 year old sit at home on the computer all day for school?

  • Can your kid benefit from some exercise each week?

  • Could your kid benefit from working out and socializing with other kids?

  • Have you been struggling to find fitness class for your pre-teens and teenagers near you?

  • Would fitness classes in Glen Burnie help your kid burn off some energy?

Our CrossFit Teens/Pre-Teens fitness classes can help your child and make it easy for you to keep them active.


“Wreck Room CrossFit is filled with a group of supporting members and coaches. Everyone that comes in feels welcomed right away. Whether you are a beginner or experienced CrossFitter, they will cater to your needs. This gym focuses on your goals as an individual, from needing help with nutrition or wanting to train for a half marathon, Wreck Room will get you there!” 

– Magan S.

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Program Benefits

  • You just bring them here and let us take care of everything.

  • We will keep them moving for 60 minutes straight.

  • They will do a mixture of cardio and weightlifting each workout.

  • They can stay in shape until youth or high school sports start up again.

  • They will burn off tons and tons of energy.

  • They can interact with other kids their age.

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