Are You Looking For Youth Fitness in Glen Burnie, MD

Does your kid need to get out of the house and exercise?

  • Does your 10-16 year old sit at home on the computer all day for school?
  • Can your kid benefit from some exercise each week?
  • Could your kid benefit from working out and socializing with other kids?
  • Have you been struggling to find fitness class for your pre-teens and teenagers near you?
  • Would fitness class in Glen Burnie help your kid burn off some energy?
  • Does your kid need some activity now that sports are cancelled?

Our CrossFit Teens/Pre-Teens fitness classes can help your child and make it easy for you to keep them active.

Program Benefits

  • You just bring them here and let us take care of everything.
  • We will keep them moving for 60 minutes straight.
  • They will do a mixture of cardio and weightlifting each workout.
  • They can stay in shape until youth or high school sports start up again.
  • They will burn off tons and tons of energy.
  • They can interact with other kids their age.

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