Get Private 1-on-1 training so that you are the focus and no one else

with the best Personal Trainer in Glen Burnie!

Do you struggle to find the “right” Personal Trainer and
Exercise Program for you?

  • Are you struggling with day to day tasks that once were easy?
  • Have you tried other gym routines only to stop going due to a lack of interest?
  • Do you want to get back to enjoying the activities you love to do outside of the gym?
  • Or do you just want “to feel like yourself” again?
  • Even worse, does your family have a history of preventable diseases?
  • After all these years are you still confused about something as fundamental as proper exercise & nutrition?

The problem is there is so much mixed information. It’s confusing and you can feel overwhelmed.

Your personal trainer in Glen Burnie, MD will help you every step of the way!

I haven’t lifted a barbell since high school gym class and I graduated in 2000 (and took gym class as a freshman). Needless to say, I was a little intimidated, but I talked myself into it and I am glad I did. The people here are the best and this has been a great and rewarding experience for both myself and my wife.
Dave M.

I have been a member for almost a year now and I love it. All of the coaches are great. They keep an eye on you to make sure you are safe when you’re doing CrossFit. I live in Annapolis, MD and I don’t mind driving 37 minutes to get to the gym! I will not change to a different gym because I don’t think there is a good one like Wreck Room!
Kim M.

Amazing gym. I started three years ago, I have been a part of the gym at my best. I have been able to nurse ankle injuries and still modify workouts. I had to take time off and come back as a beginner. This gym has worked with me on all my personal goals. The people and coaches are great and accommodating. Wreck Room is my stress reliever and my motivator. They welcome everyone of all abilities with open arms!
Lindsay B.

Our 3 Step 1-on-1 Training Process


First, we understand there is a lot of mixed information when it comes to exercise. Therefore, we are here to find out where you are starting from and formulate a plan customized for you!


Second, meet with an expert personal trainer in Glen Burnie, MD to create a simple and sustainable plan. As a result, at Glen Burnie Fitness and Nutrition we focus on accountability & motivation to help you reach your goals.


Finally, transform your body & mind with the ongoing support and accountability of your private personal trainer.

How our Personal Trainers in Glen Burnie Can Help You

  • Workouts customized to your current fitness levels
  • Constant variety in your CrossFit training sessions so you never get bored
  • Workouts that will help you build strength, improve flexibility and burn unwanted fat.
  • Receive a Customized Nutrition Plan Made Just For You
  • Receive Tons of Healthy Recipes and Meal Ideas