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Butch grew up playing sports at a very young age in the Pasadena/Glen Burnie area. He excelled in soccer through high school and college and continued to play competitively through the bulk of his 20’s.

After competitive soccer was over his life was missing that competitive push and team camaraderie that was always there. He then turned to a gym where he lifted weights by himself while listening to headphones and would maybe jump on a treadmill here and there until that quickly became boring.

While at the gym he started playing around with CrossFit-esque workouts and started to enjoy the gym again. Soon after he joined his first CrossFit gym in Baltimore City where he was hooked immediately. No more void. It didn’t take long before he learned a lot and found himself helping others more and more to the point that he was spending a couple hours every day after work for almost two years teaching CrossFit to a group of friends at a Gold’s Gym. That quickly turned into wanting to help more people on a larger scale which became Wreck Room.

When I’m not working or doing CrossFit…..

As an Affiliate Owner my life is CrossFit but when I do get some time away it usually involves the couch, TV, Magan, and Mac (my pup).

I CrossFit because…..

It is the most miserable, fun, challenging, exciting, and rewarding thing I have ever done.

My best CrossFit moment was…..

The day I opened Wreck Room.  That or the day I started!

I coach because…..

Helping others is the best feeling in the world.

My favorite coaching moment is…..

Bright Spots Friday.  This happens in our Wreck Room Facebook group where every Friday everyone posts all their successes and wins from the past week.  Not just workout related but family, hobby, or work related.

My favorite movement is……..

Toes to bar or rope climbs.  Gymnastee!

My least favorite movement is…..

Anything heavy.

Favorite cheat meal is…..

Very hot wings and and IPA

Stacy 1

Originally from Alaska, I lived in Connecticut, Florida, New York, Texas, Vermont, and New Hampshire until the Army brought me to Maryland almost 20 years ago. Growing up I dabbled in sports a bit but never stuck with anything. I never considered myself athletic and never dreamed I would be able to do the things I am able to now since starting CrossFit in 2019 (at 41!). I found Wreck Room through another member because our daughters played field hockey together. I’m grateful for the conversation we had that fateful day that got me into the gym.

When I am not working or working out……
I’m chilling out with a good book, crocheting, running my kids around, spending time with the hubby, or any number of things.

I crossFit because…..
I feel strong and healthy, and I love the camaraderie of the group classes.

My favorite CrossFit moment…….
Anytime I’m able to do a new skill or push through a plateau to lift a new weight.

I coach because…..
I want to share my passion for CrossFit and help others discover their abilities and reach their goals.

My best coaching moment…..
Seeing that smile of accomplishment when someone learns something new or hits a goal.

My favorite CrossFit movement…..
Snatches. All day long.

My least favorite CrossFit movement…..
Wallballs. Thrusters are a close second.

My favorite cheat meal …..
Pizza and beer.

Magan 2

Magan grew up in Pasadena, MD, currently lives in Glen Burnie and owns a Studio in Annapolis doing massage and skincare.

In High School I played Tennis and Softball, and also played on a travel league. After High School I was mainly just a gym buff until a group of friends asked if I wanted to try CrossFit. We were lucky enough to know Butch who was more than happy to introduce us to CrossFit exercises at the local Gold’s gym and the rest is history!

When I am not working or working out…..

When I’m not doing either I’m usually hanging out with my dog and boyfriend or my Wreck Room friends.

I CrossFit because…..

It’s unlike anything I’ve ever done before. I get to see results, I don’t have to plan my workouts and I get to work out with a great group of people. I’ve never been in better shape!

My favorite CrossFit moment…..

Is probably when I got my first strict pull-up, I never imagined being able to do that.

I coach because…..

I like helping people. Knowing someone is reaching their goals or improving themselves because of my help is a great feeling.

My best coaching moment is…..

Will always be helping a member achieve that “first” of something as I did.

My favorite movement is……


My least favorite movement is…..


My favorite cheat meal is…..

Anything from pizza, to nachos, to a burger and fries! It’s always changing!

I grew up in Bowie and currently live in Glen Burnie and work as a software engineer.

Grew up as a competitive swimmer until college and was introduced to the lifting weights. From there it wasn’t long until I discovered Crossfit and have been hooked since then.

When I am not working or working out…

During the week, if I’m not doing chores probably watching TV or playing video games.

During the weekend, you can probably find me running an obstacle course race somewhere.

I CrossFit because…

Of all of the exercise routines that I have tried it is the one that constantly gives me the best results in performance and aesthetics.

My favorite CrossFit moment…

Getting my first ring muscle-up.

I coach because…

I enjoy seeing people reach their true potential. It’s great to work with somebody and to see them progress to do something they never thought they could.

My best coaching moment…

Anytime that I see somebody push through to get a PR or learn a new movement

My favorite movement is…

Ring Muscle Ups, they look so cool

My least favorite movement is…


My favorite cheat meal is…

… Energy drinks … I know it’s bad

Jon started his fitness journey playing almost every sport in Pasadena, MD before settling on baseball and soccer which he played in High School. He continued soccer at Elizabethtown College for the school where he majored in Engineering. There he started Powerlifting regularly.

After college and finishing his collegiate soccer career, he moved back to Maryland and started a job with the Federal Government at Fort Meade. While continuing to powerlift and workout, he started exploring function fitness and making his own WODs. A couple years later, a friend introduced him to more structured CrossFit and started WODing together. Shortly after, he traveled for work to Djibouti, Africa for 4 months where he became a member at CrossFit 11th Parallel. Immediately, he was captivated by the culture of the CrossFit community there. When returning he searched for the same encouraging environment and found WreckRoom CrossFit.

When I am not working or working out…..
I enjoy walking my dog Kenton, anything outside, spending time with my family, and a good cold beer. I also spend the majority of my Sunday meal prepping for the week.

I CrossFit because…..
It brings out the fun competitive side in myself to push myself to be a better athlete and person everyday.

My favorite CrossFit moment…..
Finishing Murph with a weighted vest for the first time or getting my first ring muscle up.

I coach because…..
I want to help others achieve their goals. Playing competitive sports my entire life and looking up to so many coaches has inspired me to want to give back.

My best coaching moment is…..
Whenever I see an individual achieve a goal they have been working towards for a while. Whether it is a personal record on a lift, getting their first pull up, push up, or double under, the looks on their faces are priceless.

My favorite movement is……
Anything with a barbell. I specifically love the Deadlift and Front Squat.

My least favorite movement is…..
Burpees, a necessary evil.

My favorite cheat meal is…..
Meat Lovers Pizza with a good IPA followed by a pint of chocolate cookies and cream ice cream.

I grew up on the eastern shore of Maryland in Salisbury. After I graduated college in 2017 I started work with Northrop Grumman as a mechanical engineer and moved to Brooklyn Park where I live now. 

My family was very into dirt racing so my whole “athletic” background is as a kart driver as you’ll see by my profile picture in zen planner. Although I did play tennis in high school (all-county) and even made the tennis team in college as a walk-on in my freshman year. I never really was interested in lifting or gymnastics until I decided I wanted to try something different and looked up CrossFit since it had become super popular. I walked into Wreck Room in November of 2018 and never looked back. 

When I’m not working or working out you can find me on a golf course somewhere knocking a few back with friends. Otherwise you can catch me binge watching tv shows season after season or at an O’s game. I’m also probably the largest sports fan you’ll meet. I follow them all. 

I CrossFit because it’s the ultimate challenge of fitness and mental fortitude. You’re going to have to force yourself to keep moving no matter how fit you are and I enjoy that grind. You will also never get bored with your workouts. There are too many things that you can work on day in and day out that’ll keep it fresh. 

My favorite CrossFit moment was when I RX’d my first workout. It took a lot of work. 

I coach because I enjoy the process of learning/teaching each movement and what it takes to get people to move to the best of their ability. Everyone can move a little gooder. 

My best coaching moment is whenever I give the right cue that unlocks an athletes mental block. When someone knows they can, but can’t quite figure out what’s holding them back. It’s different for everyone, but when I give the right tip/advice on something that gets them over the hump it’s just the best. 

My favorite CrossFit movement is the devils press. 

My least favorite CrossFit movement is weighted step ups. 

My favorite cheat meal is hands down burger and fries.

Tammy Bio Pic

I’m from a small town located on the Canadian border in the corner of upstate New York and Vermont.  I always have been active with sports, playing basketball and tennis, and growing up on a dairy farm up until I was twelve and helping my father with his maple syrup business, it was never a dull moment in our house.  My life is still not boring, my husband and I own a boat engine repair shop in Pasadena, MD.  I found Wreck Room when I was in search for an In-body scale and a better nutritional program that my current gym did not offer.  Getting to know Butch and realizing how wonderful Wreck Room and all the members are, there was not question that I was joining.

When I am not working or working out

I am either horseback riding, reading a good book or spending time with my husband and son.

I CrossFit because

I enjoy it. It makes me feel happy, healthy, and stronger to do all those fun active activities outside of CrossFit.  Plus, I love working out with others who enjoy CrossFit as well, they always seem happy.

My favorite CrossFit moment

Doing my first handstand. 

I coach because

I enjoy helping people and watching them progress.  Best feeling in the world when someone reached their goal and you had something to do with that.

My best coaching moment

When you see someone reach their goal or achieved something they have been working toward and they smile at you and say, “I did it” and thanks you for all the help getting them there.

My favorite CrossFit movement is

All day long squats, deadlift and I love box jumping.

My least favorite CrossFit movement is


My favorite cheat meal is

Soft served ice cream dipped in chocolate or peanut butter, the creamier the better.

Martin Pic 2

I consider myself a pretty fun, easy going person. Growing up in a small border town in California, my friends and I really didn’t do much other than play video games and soccer. So you can say that I always had an act for smiling and just having a good time. Once I joined the military, I was only ever able to play soccer here and there and usually in a more pick up setting. Once that happened, I ended up being a “gym bro” and started lifting weights for 2 years. This never really spoke to me as I always saw myself as someone who enjoys doing things that push me to new limits. Enter CROSSFIT.

Once I lived in Maryland for about a year, I ended up moving to Glen Burnie and decided it was time to try something different. That difference ended up being Crossfit. Crossfit was exactly the type of training I enjoyed. Not only does it involve weights, but I can also keep my cardio at the level that it was when I was doing soccer. And that is how my Crossfit journey started. Also it helps that Wreck Room has the best community of members a gym could ask for!

When I am not working or working out…..

I am probably relaxing with my dog or hanging out with some friends. I enjoy the relationships of close friends so if it’s something like going out for brunch, I am always excited.

I CrossFit because…..

I enjoy the idea of challenging myself and accomplishing things I couldn’t have imagined.

My favorite CrossFit moment…..

Probably the first time I was able to do a handstand walk. Couldn’t stop smiling afterwards.

I coach because…..

I enjoy passing on tips and tricks that I may have learned to others and helping others accomplish their goals.

My best coaching moment is…..

The first time I ever coached and the kind words of encouragement afterwards. Helped put away the nerves.

My favorite movement is……

Probably going to be a toss up between the thruster or box jump overs. I can just move through those.

My least favorite movement is…..

Absolutely the overhead squat. Blame my shoulders.

My favorite cheat meal is…..

Going to have to be a stacked breakfast with like 3 huge pancakes or french toast with chocolate chips and syrup.

Of course the side of eggs and bacon and maybe throw in some potatoes.

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