My name is Sarah Bovie and I grew up in rural Massachusetts, riding horses and spending time on the rocky shores.  I moved to Maryland about 9 years ago with my son, who is now almost 13.  I teach horseback riding at Columbia Horse Center and manage Anne Arundel Veterinary Hospital.

I had been wanting to try Cross Fit for a while, then I found out Wreck Room was just down the road and figured what the heck, give it a try!

At first, I felt both welcomed and intimidated.  Butch, the coaches, and the members all seemed really friendly, but when I would see a workout and how intense they looked, I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to keep up.  Then of course after my foundations and I had to attend my first class I was petrified!  I knew no one, knew nothing about lifting, and thought I was in way over my head.  That’s when everything changed.  The people in the class were supportive and helpful, and Colin was patient and took the time to break down movements.  I didn’t feel alone or out of my league, it just felt new…that was a great feeling!

Honestly, lifting a barbell would be goal one!  I had never lifted before, so that was an accomplishment!  A real goal though, I would say was the DU (double under).  The first time I got one was in the middle of a WOD, and I exclaimed with joy and tossed my rope to the ground!  I was thrilled!  Of course now I go home with lash marks all over me, but I’m getting better!

Right now I’m trying to do more Rx level.  I would say in general, I’m just trying to push myself more.  I know most of the movements now, so it’s time to push myself more.  Colin and Butch are great here too…”More weight, Bovie!”.

I feel amazing!  The first time I walked into WR I didn’t have an appointment.  I had been at the AA County Co-op picking up 50lb bags of chicken feed and they felt heavy…or I felt out of shape…or both.  I went in to WR and Butch asked, “What do you want to achieve?”.  I said I wanted to be stronger.  4 months later, I am much stronger.

When I started CF, running 200 meters required the use of my inhaler.  Before the wod, and sometimes during I would need to use the inhaler as well.  Today, it’s been about 2 months since I’ve had to use the inhaler at all!  That is huge!

Favorite Wreck Room moment?  Oh gosh, that’s a tough one.  I love when we are doing a wod for time, and as each person finishes they begin encouraging the remaining people to keep going- keep pushing- and finish.  That to me says so much about the atmosphere at WR.  I love how there’s a jovial competitive, and always supportive vibe there!

Thank you!!