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What’s Your Nutrition Baseline

Step 1 – Make good choices.

This is our lowest hanging fruit.  The smallest change that can make to see the biggest difference so we start here.  We determine our biggest faults and find the proper substitutes for each.  Soda –> water (flavored).  Candy bars –> fruit.  Fast food –> salad bar.

Step 2 – The Macros

We need our macros at every meal as each one serves a unique purpose.

Carbohydrates are our body’s main source of fuel; spares protein from being used as energy and aids with the oxidation (breakdown) of fat.

Protein is made from amino acids that provide our body’s structure, regulates body function, components of enzymes, immune system health and aids hormone regulation.

Fat is a component of our membranes particularly in the brain and nervous system, aids in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and is used as a source of energy.

Step 3 – Balance

Making sure we are getting the right balance of our Macro-nutrients comes next.  Do you have the right proportions of proteins (30%), carbs (40%) and fats (30%) at every meal?  If you do your plate should look like this.  This is where a great food tracking app is incredibly valuable.

Step 4 – Timing

Eating five times per day, approximately every few hours keeps us from being too hungry to where over eat or make bad choices.  Schedule out your day to make sure you get in breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks.

Now that you can see your starting point and know your next step what is your plan of action.  Get some paper and write it down and hold yourself accountable.

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