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What makes Glen Burnie Fitness and Nutrition Different?

There is a common myth that all CrossFit gyms are the same as if we are a franchise and no matter which one you go to you get the same coaching, workouts, facility and experience in general.  This is not the case.  Every gym has a personality of its own.  What makes Wreck Room special? How are we different than the rest?

How coaches guides members through the entire hour

The workout begins promptly at each class time. The coach will call you to join together around the monitors to go over the day’s agenda. Before the warm-up begins, the coach will ask if there are any questions. After answering any questions for members, the warm up begins!

The warm up usually consists of a short 2 minute run or jump roping, followed by about 8 minutes worth of dynamic stretching specific to what movements will be done that day. The warm up is usually followed by a strength or skill. If necessary, our coach will help you with what weight you should be using, how to properly perform the movement or any other fundamental techniques for performing the strength or skill safely and effectively.  After the strength or skill, everyone sets up to prepare for the WOD. The coach will have the members perform each movement a couple times to warm up and make sure it’s being done correctly.

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When the WOD is complete and all equipment has been put away, members cool down by rolling out on foam rollers, while the Coach shows them different stretches to be performed after they are done rolling. This cool down is usually about 5 or 10 minutes long. Each hour is individually designed and led by the Coach so that members are in and out in an hour or less.

Our Foundations classes are 1-1 personal training

Before members join in on group classes, they receive 5 one hour, one-on-one personal training sessions. The goal is to get you as comfortable as possible before you move into CrossFit group classes. What better way to learn than 1-1 with 100% attention!

Foundations classes will introduce you to the 30 or so movements we do on a regular basis. The goal is to get you comfortable with the movements so that you may execute them properly and safely. Will they be perfect? No.  Will you feel comfortable performing them? Absolutely! The classes will also introduce you to terminology we use on a daily basis. There are different abbreviations and acronyms for movements, as well as different formats for workouts and how the results are recorded.

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Foundation classes have proven so effective that new and current members request even more one-on-one personal training with a coach afterwards to improve their skills. A good Foundations program is a must.  Extra focus on the front end of your journey is guaranteed to set you up for continued success long term.

1-1 coaching during the class

Every gym will say they have the “best coaching in town”.  How do you know that?  In fact, how do they know that?   Whether or not the coaches at Wreck Room are the “best in town” we can assure you our coaches are attentive and will make sure each athlete is comfortable and approaches each workout they best way for them to reach their goals.

Here is how we do it.

During the strength each athlete will get multiple visits from a coach. Everyone can always use improvement with their form. Whether you are a new member looking to make your movements average to good or a veteran going from good to better or an advanced athlete making that great movement even tougher or more technical we want to ensure the athletes are constantly improving.

Here is where the coaching at Wreck Room truly stands out.  The time between the strength portion and the Workout Of the Day (WOD).  It is our standard to give each athlete 60 seconds of 1-1 time.  This is hands down the most important part of the hour for the coach because when the clocks starts for the WOD we want everyone working hard keeping that intensity up.

How does that 60 seconds look?

Coach: Ok, we have 21-15-9 of thrusters and pull-ups so you will do 21 of each then 15 of each then 9 of each.  Make sense?  What weight are you using for your thrusters and how are you doing your pull-ups?

Athlete: Yes it makes sense.  I was thinking of using 75# for my thrusters but I don’t know what to do for pull-ups.

Coach: Ok well let me see a few reps at 75# to make sure everything is good.

Coach: Reps look good.  Let’s stick with 75#.  Now to find the right scale for pull-ups let’s talk about your goals.  What are they?

Athlete: Right now I am looking to lose 5 more pounds by the end of the month.

Coach: Great. Let’s go with jumping pull-ups because this will allow you to go faster and keep the intensity level very high.

A quick conversation can go a long way and by simply devoting about a minute of time to each member, this provides clarity, improvement and safety during the WOD.

Professional Weekly Cleaning

We all know gyms are hotbeds for germ activity. They thrive in warm, sweaty environments. That is why every Sunday evening our gym floor and bathrooms are professionally and thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Multiple times throughout the week the barbells, kettlebells, ab mats, medicine balls and pull-up bars are wiped down with disinfectant wipes.

Spot mopping does not work!  Have you ever done a burpee then stood up to see your hands and forearms covered in dirt, dust and chalk?  That same chalk that has been caked on the floor for months.

Every day equipment is handled by multiple people. Bugs and viruses like staph, MRSA, strep and norovirus, just to name a few, can lead to colds and other infections. Not to mention fungi and organisms that can cause athlete’s foot and ringworm.

Keeping a clean facility is one of the most important parts of our gym. We want our members to feel safe and at ease when working out, whether it’s in the heat of the summer or the dead of winter when colds and flu’s are most common.

Results tracking app

Time to stop flipping through pages and get rid of that notebook.

WODIFY is our all-in-one performance tracking software system. WODIFY includes features like athlete billing, class calendar, class registration, performance history, nutritional journals and leader boards, just to name a few. And it’s all done through a user friendly app.

The class calendar allows athlete’s to see scheduled classes, who will be coaching and who else signed up for the class, as well as reserve a spot in class via the class registration tab.

How many times have you had to flip through pages in a composition book to see the weight you used last time you squatted? Keeping track of your daily performance is an important piece of getting better. Keeping track of your workouts and associated weights will allow you and your coaches to choose the appropriate weight to use. Not to mention allowing you to track your progress! How will you know you’re improving if you’re not keeping track?

The nutritional journal is where athletes can log their food and or water intake. Whether you’re trying to eat healthier or just trying to increase your hydration, WODIFY can keep track of it for you.

The leader board adds a competitive edge for members. The athletes can see the top three all-time PR’s for day’s lifts and results of the WOD. Maybe your buddy worked out at 6am and you are looking for a weight or time to chase.

WODIFY is truly a privilege for any CrossFitter. We provide this platform for you to better yourself and become more aware of who you are and what you are capable of as an athlete.

Here’s the kicker:  WE LOG YOUR RESULTS FOR YOU!  Before you are finished for the hour, your entire performance will be logged in the system.

Social Events

At Glen Burnie Fitness and Nutrition we love to organize regular monthly socials. What better way to get to know your gym buddies then connecting with them outside of the gym?

We’ve held several happy hours at local bars/restaurants as well as the occasional Wine and WOD night for the ladies. We also have Christmas and Gym anniversary parties right at the gym, where we arrange a WOD followed by lots of food, drinks and fun. Our most recent outing was to an Orioles home game in August.


Wreck Room Crossfit also works with a local organization called the Kamryn Lambert Foundation. Kamryn Lambert was a young girl who passed away from complications of leukemia before her 9th birthday. The foundation raises money to go towards different programs. Each program idea is specific to Kamryn’s life and her battle with leukemia. One of the most popular programs provide an annual nursing scholarship to a graduating high school senior. Wreck room Crossfit has enjoyed fundraisers such as, a Bull and Oyster Roast and a Crab Feast so far.

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