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What is culture?

Can a workout be so fun and exhausting really be the best hour of your day?

When we opened this gym in 2014 we knew one thing had to be developed to its fullest and protected at all times.  Our Culture.

Culture is defined as the set of values, conventions, or social practices associated with a particular field, activity, or societal characteristic.  What does this really mean and how does this apply to a gym?

Culture is…

…giving handshakes or hugs or shouts as a hello

….who says hello to whom

…if members greet a stranger and show them where to wait/change/grab water

…is multiple people volunteering to help drive their classmates (not friends) to the hospital if something happens

…if athletes ask “what can we bring?” when we announce a cookout

Culture is…

…what the people talk about in class

…how they stick around after class

…or if they meet outside of class

…if they approach a coach with a problem they have, or just talk to other gym members venting

Culture is…

…the feeling you get when you walk into the gym

…can also be if US, the staff knows everyone’s name, where they work or how many kids they have

So Culture is literally anything and everything and is always based around our core values and promise

“We promise to teach, motivate, and support you in your efforts to improve your health, fitness, and happiness a little more each day.  With a welcoming and comfortable environment we strive to make your time here the best part of your day. We will be Happy, Healthy, and Better”

Be a part of something bigger than yourself.  Be a part of our Culture.

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