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The Benefits of Work/Rest/Work/Rest Type of Workouts

We know these types of workouts are terrible.  Something about getting that heart rate jacked up for a few minutes then resting for a few minutes makes the workout feel awful.  

Buuuuuut guess who loves these kinds of workouts?  Your coaches do and here’s why…..

  • We can coach more.  Think about a longer workout with some grunt work. If we see something we want to address, fix, talk about, etc. we try to do it in the short period of time that is your rest.  We don’t want to talk too long because it is important that you keep moving.  If we have a few minutes of time in between rounds, we can really dive deep into what’s going on before your next round starts without taking anything away from your workout.
  • Bonus: We even have time to take a video and look at it together during your rest.  Now you get to see what we see.  Super valuable.  
  • It allows you, the athlete, to focus on your movements and dial in on your technique for a shorter period of time before WOD brain kicks in and you can’t think clearly.
  • Logistics.  It allows us to share the bikes and rowers with another person seamlessly so there is no confusion for anyone.  (Unless you can’t decide who’s going first or second, ha!)

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