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Taylor Kairos: Making the lifestyle change

My name is Taylor Kairos and I am from Brooklyn Park, MD. I am currently a registered nurse on the Neuro ICU at the University of Maryland Medical Center.

I wanted to start doing CrossFit because I was so bored with going to the gym and not having any structure or motivation in my workouts and I always was interested in getting back into lifting like I was doing back when I was playing college softball.

My first impression when I first started was that there was no way I am going to able to be up to par with my peers around me, they are all so good they are going to laugh at me but I was totally wrong. Everyone in the CrossFit community are very welcoming and motivating and that’s what kept me coming back for more.

The first goal that I hit was the kipping pull-up! I remember constantly trying and then one day it finally just came together and clicked! I was pretty excited lol.

My goals that I am currently working on now are to become better with certain movements like my snatches and being able to do multiple strict pull up’s (Definitely working on my upper body strength this winter)! Another goal is to do well in an upcoming CrossFit competition that I recently just signed up for!

Compared to when I first started, I feel like I have become stronger, leaner, and definitely more confident about myself. When I first started, I honestly thought I wasn’t going to be good enough for CrossFit but with the help of my awesome and supportive coaches and peers, I have been able to achieve and accomplish a lot at Wreck Room since I started in April 2016.

I would have to say what changed is my overall lifestyle. I was not motivated AT ALL to work out, couldn’t stick to a diet to save my life, had zero self-esteem and self-confidence. When I started at Wreck Room, I was motivated to work out, I was given the right guidance on dieting, started to have more self-confidence in myself especially when I started seeing results (such as losing inches and toning up). I’m glad I made these lifestyle changes and that Wreck Room has been there to help guide me and keep me motivated.

My favorite Wreck Room moment would have to be in-house competition! It was so much fun for all of us to come together and get a taste of what competitions are like!

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