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Success Story Amy Anello: Gaining weight and strength

I started at Wreck Room because I couldn’t motivate myself and was bored at the traditional gym. I would leave the gym without even a drop of sweat because I wasn’t working hard. I wanted a more intense workout.

My first impression was that CrossFit was hardcore and challenging. It is still hardcore but no longer intimidates me. I love lifting heavier weights, finishing workouts sooner and achieving new PR’s.

I have always had more general goals than specific goals. There’s not a specific goal I’ve met because I’ve accomplished more than I’ve ever thought I could… Back-squatted 155 lb, push-jerked 105 lb, have done 5 unbroken pull-ups, have ran an 8:30 mile, ran 7 miles, etc. My most recent goal is to start using a 14 pound wall-ball in all work-outs but gosh, it gets heavy!

I want to RX every workout that I do. I’ve made a lot of progress but someone keeps increasing the weights (I don’t want to mention any names) and every time I’m getting close, the RX weight increases to keep pushing everyone. Uhh!

I feel great and have more energy. I used to have trouble sleeping and now I sleep so much better; I also no longer feel like I’m going to fall asleep at work. It’s also such a good stress relief! I literally have to go to the gym after I get off work to relieve stress. CrossFit makes my life happy and productive.

What has changed about me the most is my weight and strength. I’ve gained about 12-15 pounds total and have lifted 40-50% stronger at every lift than when I first started. People would comment and tell me I needed to gain weight. I thought they were just crazy but now that I look back on pictures, I can see what people meant. I like being stronger and athletic rather than a bag of bones. 🙂

Amy Before 1 Amy After 1

.               June 2014                                      October 2015

I have a lot of favorite moments but most importantly, it’s been the friendships I’ve built. Ohh… and I guess my other favorite moment was that one time (literally, one time), I was number 1 on the whiteboard for the strength and WOD because some of the really good girls didn’t show up that day (you know who you are!).

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