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Stephanie Edmonston: Motivated, Focused and Driven

My name is Stephanie Edmonston and I am 41 years old, a wife, a nurse, and a mother of 5 ranging from 8-20! I joined Wreck Room Crossfit in January 2017. I had finally taken the plunge and joined Facebook a month earlier and I kept seeing an ad for the 6-week challenge pop up! I have a cousin who has been doing CrossFit for years, but I was always intimidated by it! I decided to make an appointment for the challenge just to see what it was all about. I was a college athlete, but since college have never found any workout or exercise that kept me motivated or focused or driven. I wanted to be healthier and active and show my kids that I am a strong, confident, healthy woman!

As soon as I met Butch, and started learning about the gym, I was hooked. He has a way of getting you excited about being a part of the Wreck Room community. He convinced me to jump right into Foundations with Alyson that week and that was a great decision. Alyson was patient and funny and knowledgeable…and made me squat so many times, that I couldn’t get off the couch without help! I even texted her thinking that I was in totally over my head, and couldn’t possibly do it, but she convinced me to come back. When I got through foundations, I remember my first WOD had squat cleans, and Chelsea told me to go get the PVC pipe instead of the barbell. I was embarrassed because I was struggling, but I was determined to finish. She cheered me on and worked on my technique so I was safe before I added weight. No one in the class made me feel ashamed for using the PVC pipe. In fact, they were all encouraging me, cheering me on, and making me want to finish the WOD and come back the next day for more. So many of them told me that is how they started and I just need to keep coming back.  I realized then that it wasn’t just joining a gym, it was joining a community of people that cared about making me a stronger woman. I knew what Butch was talking about immediately.

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I’ve been a part of CrossFit for four months now, and not only has my body become stronger, CrossFit has made me mentally stronger.  I am proud not only of my accomplishments, but seeing others’ achievements.  CrossFit showed me how I could have friends at the gym, and with their help, I’m able to do more than I ever have been alone.  It is showing me perseverance and makes me not just physically stronger, but mentally stronger as well. I feel proud of my accomplishments already. I see progress every time I go. And the coaches and other members keep me accountable and challenged every day!! I am so thankful I found Wreck Room!

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