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Shane Stephens: No More Back Pain

My name is Shane Stephens from Severn, MD and am a Sales Engineer day to day.

I came to Wreck Room because I had been trying to get a start on getting back in shape with many failures to launch.  I saw a 6-week New You challenge advertised on Facebook and it looked interesting.

Hmm, my first impression was “man it’s warm in here”.   Really it was humbling, I am by no means an athlete but watching some of the coaches and senior folks it gave me something to aspire to.  I remember looking at one of the CrossFit sessions before my first one and seeing extremely fit coaches laying down in front of fans.  I thought to myself, “how am I going to be able to do a full length WOD?”

Some of that first impression has changed.  It’s still warm, but I am bothered by it way less.  I still think that the coaches and seniors are something to aspire to be.  As time has gone on, I wouldn’t say that the WODs have gotten any easier, but they hurt less and my capabilities are increasing.  Just tonight I completed an entire WOD doing toes to bar which I was not even close to one when I started.  It is great that I can actually watch my progress from week to week.

The first goal I hit was a huge one.  When I started I really wanted to get below 200 lbs. Happy to say that from 225 lbs I am down to 195 lbs in 6 weeks!  As of now I want to continue losing weight, but even more I want to be able to do consecutive hanging pull-ups and eventually muscle-ups.

Compared to when I started I have so much more energy, better sleep, more stamina and my daily back pain has gone away.

The biggest change for me is that everything fits better!   I take my diet serious because the way you feel and perform in the WOD is directly affected by what you consume.   Not to mention that I don’t want to negate all the calories I worked so hard to burn during the WOD.

My favorite Wreck Room moment isn’t really a moment but more the experience over all. Group mentality is a huge driver for me and the exceptional people in my New You group are major contributors to my success.   Oh and when I finally figured out Kipping!

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