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Post Work Out Recovery

Recovering is a huge part of working out! We like to give some time at the end of each class to help promote recovery. Here are a few things that can help.

Foam Rolling: This massages the muscle fascia to help realign for better healing. It also increases range of motion and flexibility.

foam-rolling  Roll up and back 10 times on each large muscle group post work out.

Stretching: This also helps the muscles to relax and realign tissue for proper healing.

stretching  Take a band and stretch each large muscle group 30 seconds to 1 minute on each side.

Nutrients for Recovery: Post work out nutrients are important in helping our bodies replenish and rebuild. A good source of proteins and carbohydrates along with vitamins and minerals will help aid recovery.

fit-aid  Fit aid is one of our favorite recovery drinks.

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