At Glen Burnie Fitness and Nutrition, our only focus is to add value to your life.

Whatever it means for you: weight loss, more energy, more confidence, to look better, to prevent signs of aging, make friends, or simply finding a new outlet or hobby. We are here to find a solution to your problem.

How it works:

What does a typical class look like? Each class is one hour in length and is very structured as follows…..

  • 5:00 = Overview of the whole hour and answer any questions about the workout
  • 5:02 – 5:10 = Dynamic warm-up done as a group
  • 5:10 – 5:25 = Quick in detail explanation then on to some strength/skill work
  • 5:25 – 5:35 =  Explanation and set-up for the conditioning workout. Here each individual is assured 60-90 seconds of 1-1 time to make sure they fully understand the workout format and can perform the movements safely with a comfortable weight.
  • 5:35 – 5:50 = Conditioning workout
  • 5:50 – 6:00 = Equipment breakdown and clean-up followed by recovery (foam rolling and stretching.)


Our facility is equipped to help you meet your goals!


When we first got this 4000 square foot space we were lucky it was a complete shell. We were able to design the gym any way we wanted and our first priority was to maximize the workout space. We have exactly 3200 square feet of actual workout space which allows up to 30 athletes to have their own comfortable, personal 100 square feet (size of a typical office).

We also take a lot of pride in maintaining a clean and sanitary facility. Our floors are professionally cleaned on a weekly basis and use products that actively disinfect the floor as we keep sweating throughout the week. The same goes for our barbells, pull-up bars, ab-mats and medicine balls.

Our Mission:

We promise to teach, motivate, and support you in your efforts to improve your health, fitness, and happiness a little more each day. With a welcoming and comfortable environment, we strive to make your time here the best part of your day.

We will be Happy, Healthy, and Better.