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Butch Santucci - Owner/Coach

Butch grew up playing sports at a very young age in the Pasadena/Glen Burnie area. He excelled in soccer through high school and college and continued to play competitively through the bulk of his 20’s.

After competitive soccer was over his life was missing that competitive push and team camaraderie that was always there. He then turned to a gym where he lifted weights by himself while listening to headphones and would maybe jump on a treadmill here and there until that quickly became boring.

While at the gym he started playing around with CrossFit-esque workouts and started to enjoy the gym again. Soon after he joined his first CrossFit gym in Baltimore City where he was hooked immediately. No more void. It didn’t take long before he learned a lot and found himself helping others more and more to the point that he was spending a couple hours every day after work for almost two years teaching CrossFit to a group of friends at a Gold’s Gym. That quickly turned into wanting to help more people on a larger scale which became Wreck Room.

When I’m not working or doing CrossFit…..

As an Affiliate Owner my life is CrossFit but when I do get some time away it usually involves the couch, TV, Magan, and Mac (my pup).

I CrossFit because…..

It is the most miserable, fun, challenging, exciting, and rewarding thing I have ever done.

My best CrossFit moment was…..

The day I opened Wreck Room.  That or the day I started!

I coach because…..

Helping others is the best feeling in the world.

My favorite coaching moment is…..

Bright Spots Friday.  This happens in our Wreck Room Facebook group where every Friday everyone posts all their successes and wins from the past week.  Not just workout related but family, hobby, or work related.

My favorite movement is……..

Toes to bar or rope climbs.  Gymnastee!

My least favorite movement is…..

Anything heavy.

Favorite cheat meal is…..

Very hot wings and and IPA

Allison Kelly - Coach

Hello, my name is Allison and I live in Arnold with my husband William. I remember to this day how I found myself standing in front of Wreckroom CrossFit back on November 10, 2014. I arrived an hour early and waited in my car to scope the place out. Terrified, I finally walked in and Butch was by the door waiting for me. I like to reference this date often because that is when my life changed forever.

I was hooked after the first class, I have never experienced anything like that before. My life before CrossFit, you would find me at Gold’s Gym running on a treadmill with no plan, as well as taking all the group fitness classes I could. Flash forward to today, I was looking for more. I wanted to be a Coach, but not at any box, I wanted the best Box, Wreckroom Crossfit! Butch is a great mentor and entrepreneur, that is why I choose to train and coach here.

When I am not working or working out…..

I am hanging with my husband and our corgi, Carson.

I CrossFit because…..

CrossFit is just a big bag of fun mix all together. I love that it takes the thinking out of your day, you just have to show up and have everything planned for you.

My favorite CrossFit moment…..

First pull-up for sure, the ultimate strength indicator!

I coach because…..

I want to change the lives of anyone who steps into our box. I want to bring others the accomplishment, empowerment, and support others have brought me. I want others to make the best investment they ever will, an investment in themselves. When it gets tough, because it always does, I will be right there to coach, educate, help, and be a friend to them.

My best coaching moment is…..

When anyone says, “I did it!”

My favorite movement is…..

Clean and Jerk!

My least favorite movement is…..


My favorite cheat meal is…..

Sour beer, nachos, pizza, and peach cobbler!

Magan Schneck - Coach

Magan grew up in Pasadena, MD, currently lives in Glen Burnie and owns a Studio in Annapolis doing massage and skincare.

In High School I played Tennis and Softball, and also played on a travel league. After High School I was mainly just a gym buff until a group of friends asked if I wanted to try CrossFit. We were lucky enough to know Butch who was more than happy to introduce us to CrossFit exercises at the local Gold’s gym and the rest is history!

When I am not working or working out…..

When I’m not doing either I’m usually hanging out with my dog and boyfriend or my Wreck Room friends.

I CrossFit because…..

It’s unlike anything I’ve ever done before. I get to see results, I don’t have to plan my workouts and I get to work out with a great group of people. I’ve never been in better shape!

My favorite CrossFit moment…..

Is probably when I got my first strict pull-up, I never imagined being able to do that.

I coach because…..

I like helping people. Knowing someone is reaching their goals or improving themselves because of my help is a great feeling.

My best coaching moment is…..

Will always be helping a member achieve that “first” of something as I did.

My favorite movement is……


My least favorite movement is…..


My favorite cheat meal is…..

Anything from pizza, to nachos, to a burger and fries! It’s always changing!

Russell Miller

I grew up in Bowie and currently live in Glen Burnie and work as a software engineer.

Grew up as a competitive swimmer until college and was introduced to the lifting weights. From there it wasn’t long until I discovered Crossfit and have been hooked since then.

When I am not working or working out…

During the week, if I’m not doing chores probably watching TV or playing video games.

During the weekend, you can probably find me running an obstacle course race somewhere.

I CrossFit because…

Of all of the exercise routines that I have tried it is the one that constantly gives me the best results in performance and aesthetics.

My favorite CrossFit moment…

Getting my first ring muscle-up.

I coach because…

I enjoy seeing people reach their true potential. It’s great to work with somebody and to see them progress to do something they never thought they could.

My best coaching moment…

Anytime that I see somebody push through to get a PR or learn a new movement

My favorite movement is…

Ring Muscle Ups, they look so cool

My least favorite movement is…


My favorite cheat meal is…

… Energy drinks … I know it’s bad

Angie Guzman - Coach

Angie grew up in Los Fresnos, TX, currently lives in Glen Burnie and is a full-time student at Bowie State University pursuing a degree in Sport Management (Public Relations).

Growing up my life revolved around sports but my most memorable moments were always in the weight room or outside conditioning with the football players. However it wasn’t until my first deployment when I saw the special forces guys out in the flight line throwing some weights around and doing movements I never knew a big buff guy could do. I wanted in on their fun! Needless to say it was a wrap after that, been hooked since 2012.

When I am not working or working out…..

You can find me spending time with my husband and friends or exploring trails and beaches with my dogs.

I CrossFit because…..

You are never done. There is no cap to how physically fit or mentally tough you can get in CrossFit. Improvements can always happen and ANYBODY can join.

My favorite CrossFit moment…..

I’ll say it was when I got my first bar muscle-up.

I coach because…..

There is nothing more rewarding than witnessing the growth of an individual.

My best coaching moment is…..

Watching someone surprise themselves after they realize that they are capable of so much more than they thought.

My favorite movement is……

Anything with a heavy barbell.

My least favorite movement is…..

Anything gymnastics.

My favorite cheat meal is…..

Sushi and burgers!!