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What is a No Sweat Intro

Could you imagine your first experience with CrossFit is in the middle of July with no air conditioning and you didn’t sweat at all?  Seems unlikely but pretty much impossible.  It happens all the time though because when you decide CrossFit is the route for you it doesn’t start with a workout.

Your experience starts with a No Sweat Intro.  In other words, it’s a conversation all about you.  CrossFit can be intimidating enough, we get it, but the thought of just walking in and jumping right into a group workout can be terrifying.  We will save the group workout for later when you are more comfortable.  It’s easy to schedule and you can do that right here.

No Sweat Intro also means you don’t have to feel obligated to make any decisions.  You are likely shopping around, interviewing gyms and finding the best fit for you.  This is exactly what you should be doing.  We want to hear all about what you’ve been doing and where you want to go so we can figure out how to help you the best we can.  Maybe you’ve been inactive for a long time and need some 1-1 time to get started or maybe you have experience and are just looking to get started again.  There’s always a way we can help.

Let’s make this even easier for you.  Below you will see the questions/topics we will chat about.  Now you have some time to study!

1) What is your story?  What have you done in the past and what have you been doing lately?

2) How long have you been thinking about improving your health?

3) What brought you here?  What is your specific goal?

4) Have you had success reaching this goal in the past?

5) What are your biggest hurdles now in reaching your goals?

6) Do you know how CrossFit works?

7) Does CrossFit sound like something that will help you reach your goal?

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