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Larry Selleh: Working out is a part of my life

I am a father of 2 amazing daughters who are the loves of my life.   They make me proud every day.   For better or worse, I like to work hard and, despite what Butch thinks, I love to throw back one too many when the work is done and I’m not driving.  I’m the Captain of a beer league hockey team with the greatest teammates and absolutely love playing – it’s my passion.   I am my own worst critic of my performances – but I think that helps me drive myself harder. I was born in Washington, DC and have lived in Maryland my entire life.

I run sales for an IT company in Millersville but my passion is providing my personal company’s photo & video booth experience at weddings, corporate events, holiday and birthday parties, etc.

I had never worked out in a gym….ever.   A few years back, I belonged to a nationwide gym chain and, in 3 years, I went twice.   I simply had no idea how to work out, what weights to choose, what lifts to combine with others, etc.   I needed a place where someone would simply point, tell me what to do and how to do it – safely and properly.   Plus, I needed to be held accountable.   The accountability I experienced at Glen Burnie Fitness and Nutrition can be described in one instance.  One day early fall 2015, I pulled up to the gym, parked across the lot and took a gander at the workout.   Feeling it was beyond my capabilities, I began to drive home.  I didn’t reach the corner before Colin called me and questioned why I was leaving.   I explained that the workout was beyond me – he convinced me otherwise.   Needless to say, I came back and he scaled the workout for my ability.

My first impression was intimidation as there were some members who were clearly in better shape than I was (and am).   However, I quickly realized that the members at Wreck Room are like a family.   Every member wants everybody else to work hard and succeed – even if their success is at their own scaled level.   Those stronger and faster encourage those, like me, who need it.  It’s a very positive and healthy environment from the members to the coaches.

I’m not quite sure what my first achieved goal may have been, but I am extremely proud that I can string 15+ kipping pull-ups together, running isn’t as much of a burden as many months ago and I’m able to get through burpees without feeling like I’m going to die (most days).

Right now I am trying to drop another 25 pounds by January  – at least that’s my goal.   Plus, I’d love to get multiple chest-to-bars strung together by January as well and then build to muscle-ups by next Spring.

Compared to when I started I feel stronger, faster, lighter and look at each workout as a challenge that is achievable.  In fact, my endurance and motivation are such that I frequently grab other members for an additional run after the structured workouts are over.

This biggest change for me is now see working out as a part of my life – like breathing, eating, drinking.   It’s something that I typically schedule my day around.   As Butch said when I first joined, think of it as a doctor’s appointment that you can’t miss.

My favorite moment I recall, on one occasion, that we had to run four 400 meter runs as part of a bigger workout.  It was a few months ago and running was much more difficult than it is now – although it’s still a challenge.   Upon seeing that I didn’t think I could run a 4th 400m, Matt Smith took it upon himself to run an additional 400m with me and never let me walk the entire way – he used some military mental tactics to help encourage me to complete it.  Let’s just say, I didn’t want to let him down after what he’s done for our Country.

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