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Are your kids on the right path?

I love everything Crossfit does for me. It reduces stress, makes me stronger, more confident, it’s the best part of my day! And all in one hour a day! It fits neatly in between every other thing that I’m juggling as a working parent. So why shouldn’t I want those same benefits for my children?

1. CrossFit teaches structure. Our group classes are organized by an experienced CrossFit coach with a plan. The kids stay focused because they are always busy, and having fun from start to finish. There is never a dull moment!

2.CrossFit teaches kindness. It’s so great to see kids cheering on their peers, as they finish up a workout. If a child has some trouble with movements, or maybe isn’t the fastest, everyone encourages each other with the same excitement as the best athlete in the class.

3. CrossFit teaches positive behavior. Here, we celebrate our accomplishments, and see our weaknesses as a place to improve. The atmosphere is positive, where a good attitude is a great asset.

4. CrossFit teaches critical thinking & planning ahead. Our workouts, though physical in nature, do often require a plan to be completed efficiently. We develop young athletes who work hard AND smart.

5.CrossFit is physically challenging. Trust me, it will wear you out. Our workouts are age appropriate, but they are challenging, physically. The strength training and cardio that we do can definitely help your child reach their goals in other sports as well as help keep them healthy!

6.CrossFit builds confidence! The kids know that they are accomplishing something big, and our coaches make sure to positively reinforce that fact. Seeing improvement every week is a great feeling, and is huge for kids–they are SO proud, with good reason!

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