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Julie Persell: It’s the little things

My name is Julie Persell. I’m 54, a full-time IT project manager at the University of Baltimore, a wife, and momma of 4 amazing kids (3 of them come to WRC!). The youngest is still in high school, so we watch a lot of basketball and soccer. My favorite hobby is photography.

We found WRC by chance. Our youngest daughter wanted to get stronger and increase her fitness level for basketball, so we tried an introductory class together on a Saturday. What a wake-up call for me! I learned just how out-of-shape I was. A key indicator? I could barely walk the next day after a beginner level class. The Lite Fit program was just starting up, so I pushed down all of my anxieties (and pain) to join that program as our daughter started the foundations class and joined up as the (then) youngest member of the CrossFit program.

Without question, the people stood out to me the most. You don’t feel like a newcomer for very long… the coaches and the members are so welcoming and supportive.

I may hate the workout, but I always feel better after my heart rate returns to a normal level! The ladies in Lite Fit are amazing and fun to work out with. We motivate and encourage each other. That hour flies by and I recognize a huge improvement in my fitness level. While I’m not ready to run a marathon, this is huge progress from where I started.

I actually have a couple of favorite things about Wreck Room.
Initially, I was surprised that so many women belonged to WRC. Strong, fun, confident, amazing women. They are positive role models and mentors, especially for a teenage girl! There’s time to joke around, but when it’s time to work, there’s no messing around. It’s all work until the work is done.
I really love that data is a huge component of Wreck Room (because I’m a nerd). Workout times, weights and reps are recorded. Progression and personal records are tracked over time. Goals are encouraged and everyone wants to help you meet them.

I am most proud that I’ve actually stuck with this program for nearly a year. To appreciate that as an accomplishment, you have to understand that I am not a fan of exercise and have never belonged to a gym. We have a nice gym system and elliptical in the basement, but I have never used them. There’s a certain amount of pride in getting through some of the workouts without quitting!

If I named a WOD after me it would definitely include sit ups, kettlebell work, and squats

Ugh, anything with burpees. Not my favorite thing…but they are much easier to knock out than they used to be in the beginning.

I can now run (yes, I said run!) up 4 flights of stairs without feeling like I’m going to pass out. It’s the little things, but they’re huge to me. Clothes fit better. I feel better about myself, and I know I’m in better shape.

The only advice to give anyone is try it. Give it a solid month. Don’t wait. Do it right now. You won’t be sorry.

If I can do this, anyone can do it.

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