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Jen Louzon: Stronger than ever

I’m Jen Louzon and I’m from Pennsylvania, although I live in Odenton right now. I am a naval engineer for the Coast Guard. I also own a mini-farm that I run in my “free time”.


One of my girlfriends, Bri got me started in the world of CrossFit.  Of course, she got a new job in DC right after I started and left CrossFit, so we only got to do a few workouts together. I never would have tried it without her talking about how wonderful it was all the time.

I don’t think my first impression has really changed. It seemed like a fun, laid back sort of place. And yes we all work hard and want to die some days, but the people are friendly and the general atmosphere is relaxed. We aren’t all focused on competition so it’s a great place for beginners.

The first goal I hit was losing 25 pounds. It was a combination of attending workouts faithfully (3-4 days a week minimum) and eating healthy.

Now I am working on hamstring flexibility, getting a pull-up, squatting over 120 lbs, being able to do double unders consistently.

I feel much more confident now than when I started. I’m less nervous to try new things or add weight. I am more confident in my abilities.

The biggest change I have seen so far is my strength. I’m much stronger now than I’ve ever been before. Which is a good thing since I’m constantly lifting and moving heavy things on my farm.


Hmm there are so many favorite moments! I think I’ll go with the CrossFit Open. The workouts were crazy but it was so much fun to have everyone come together and cheer each other on. There was some incredibly motivating energy in the gym those nights. Plus we were all equally miserable!

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