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How would you grade yourself?

I posed a question in our private Facebook group today asking, “Who is the most positive person you know?” and the answers blew me away.  The intention of the question was for everyone to think about close friends and family, but I didn’t expect their answers to focus solely on our community.

Majority of the people at our gym. I couldn’t single out just one person. They’re all extremely positive.”

Agreed! We have an amazing group of people – our gym family – that I am so grateful for!”

“In the short time I have been there I have been surrounded with nothing but positive. Staying healthy and making new friends. Life is good!!!”

“I have to agree that I can’t single anybody out because our entire WR family is positive, motivating, and incredible to be around.”

I then posed an exercise for everyone to do.  Take a minute or two and try this for yourself.

On a piece of paper write down the names of the 5 people you spend the most time with.  Even if it’s someone you don’t see but you talk to them on the phone all the time.

Now look at each of those people as an individual and put them under a microscope.  1-10 with ten being the most positive, what would you grade them?  Are they stressed a lot, do they gossip, do they not get along with people, do they complain a lot?  Do they help people, do they smile all the time, are they always having fun no matter what they are doing?

Add their numbers up and divide it by 5.  What do you end up with?  THAT’S YOUR GRADE!  You are the average of those five people.

If your grade was a 10 then you are the person I want to spend a lot of time with and also have at Wreck Room.

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