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How to Approach The MetCons (In CrossFit)

How are you approaching your MetCons in your CrossFit workouts?  Are you following the right progression?

Figuring out the weight to use, how to scale a gymnastics movement or if this is the workout to step up to something heavier can be a tough decision making process.  Here is the order in which you should keep your focus.  This is the progression we should all live by in the gym to ensure our safety and the results we work so hard for.

Technique > Intensity > Load

Technique: This is first a foremost the most important part of your CrossFit journey.  Learning and constantly improving on your technique will set you up for long term success.  In your first few months as a beginner or returning from a break this is extremely crucial.  There is a lot to learn!  Take your time, keep asking questions and do some research outside of the gym.  As time goes and you become a veteran you will see new brand new movements and will need to remember that good technique always comes first.




Intensity: Whether you are a CrossFitter or not you hear this word a lot.  Those who are not may relate intensity with yelling, being erratic or overly excited but those who are know we mean “using extreme effort” or “going as hard as you can”.  This will much easier, safer and comfortable to do because you have already spent a lot of time focusing on having great technique first, right?  Get the form down then go fast!




Load: Your form is great, you’re going fast and finishing the workouts way ahead of time. This is a good sign to start increasing the load and scaling up.  Within reason of course.  Take baby steps and don’t jump too much too quick.  This will slow your intensity down a bit but that’s ok.  After the first few workouts with a heavier weight you will see yourself going faster and faster each time.

Reflection: After each workout, while you’re lying on the floor in a puddle of sweat take two minutes and reflect on your performance.  Were all of your cleans safe and efficient?  Did you finish before the cut off time?  If not should you have lowered the weight mid-WOD?  Your movements felt great but did you go fast enough?  Did you take too long of breaks and/or too many of them?




Your Approach: Be proactive and look at the WOD ahead of time. It is always posted the night before.  Look at all of the movements involved and figure out where you may struggle and where you may do well.  Think about how this MetCon can help YOU reach YOUR goals?

You may not know the best answer to these questions or know the right questions to ask yourself but don’t sweat it your coaches are here to help.  They will always make sure you get effective 1-1 time before every MetCon.  Be ready because they may grill you! It’s their job to support you and set you up to succeed long term.

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