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How and why our Moms make it to the gym

People spend all of their time in one of three places: Home, work and that “third place.” That third place is different for everyone as some go to the gym, play sports, go to different social clubs and some go to happy hour.  Moms rarely have a third place. They are so focused on family that they rarely make time for themselves.  Here is how a few of our Moms make Wreck Room their third place.

WR has made me a healthier person in the sense of balancing me, family, and work. It has allowed me to know that time for myself is okay which in turn has made the time I spend as a mom completely enjoyable because I don’t feel so run down. I come early so I can stick to my routine! Hurdles mostly consist of time, but going early takes care of that. My favorite thing is the social side. I love having time in the morning with people I love laughing, socializing and getting my sweat on with!

-Suzanne Dayton

Juggling my son’s schedule, work and Crossfit is no easy task. But I know that if I make it there I feel better and ultimately I think if we feel healthy and strong in general as people we make better parents. Also, my son knows that I’m going to the gym when I go out which I think is a good thing for him to see. I started CrossFit about a month-and-a-half ago and now my son routinely will pick up weights in the living room and start exercising or tell me about the exercises that he did while I was at the gym. For a kid who is pretty sedentary that’s a great side effect of my gym attendance!

-Sarah Bovie

I see and feel so many benefits from joining WRCF this past June. I’ve lost about 10 pounds, several inches from my waist and I’m not nearly as tired all the time because I stick to a pretty strict regimen. I also feel so much stronger, it’s amazing. My kiddos see me come in the house in the morning after a workout and they always ask me what I did at the gym and ask me to show them. I get up and get to the 6:30 classes because then my husband is still home with the kids. I would have to pay an arm and a leg if I had to get a babysitter for all 5 of them so I have to go early. The only set back is when my 9 month old gets up several times a night and then it can be tough to want to get up out of bed and go work out. I always feel better though and more engergized for the rest of the day after working out so it’s so worth it to me 🙂 I recommend it to all of my momma’s out there!

-Diana Przybysz

Rather be there than work! Life can be stressful and coming to Wreck Room helps me leave it behind and focus on something that I know will make me feel good. However, the mom guilt sets in when I haven’t seen my boys all day then I run home, cook dinner and make sure their homework is done then right back out for Crossfit. But, ultimately, I want to a model for them and hopefully, help them find healthy eating and fitness sooner than later. Also, my goal is to be there 3/4 times a week and I like that there are several times to choose from that way if I miss 5:00, then I have 2 more chances to make it in.

-Kristin Whiting

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