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Healthy Fats……

In my last post I mentioned a little about the fats that you typically consume in commercially prepared food, this can either be packaged processed food and/or foods prepared in restaurants. The main fat that you are consuming often is soybean or processed vegetable oils, which are un-natural man made fats. These oils are highly inflammatory since they contain tons of omega 6 fatty acids as well as trans-fat, since most of the fats are partially hydrogenated which prolong the oils shelf life. NEVER consume anything that contains partially hydrogenated oils and stay away from processed vegetable and soybean oils as much as possible, to accomplish this you need to READ labels. Labels can legally say ZERO trans-fat if it’s under .5 grams per serving, since it is rare to eat one serving, when you consume multiple servings of a ZERO trans-fat food you can actually get several grams of trans fat, this is why it is important to NEVER purchase foods with partially hydrogenated oils as this is where trans fats comes from. If you eat a 2,000 calorie diet you should consume less than 2 grams of trans fat per day, however zero grams is even better! Trans fats and hydrogenated oils can cause major health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, cardiac arrest, cancer, auto-immune disease and just overall inflammation in the body.

If there is one reason to cook for yourself or eat at restaurants you know what types of oils they use, THIS IS IT. This ingredient in food is invisible, and as a restaurant owner I know this is the one area restaurants do not splurge, they use the least expensive oils available, even some high end restaurants are using partially hydrogenated products. I believe the amount people eat out this one ingredient is a major cause for ill health and obesity.

So what do  you use for cooking… favorite oils at the moment for cooking are colavita organic olive oil, chosen foods avocado oil spray for non-stick purposes as well as avocado oil liquid for making dressing and cooking at high heat, and kerrigold grass-fed butter. These oils will give you many health benefits as well as an overall a better flavor profile and will satiate you since you are not depriving your body of REAL fat. Keep in mind a serving of oil is about one table spoon, so everything in moderation. When I am cooking at home, I typically cook with the spray or a small amount of olive oil and then add a tbsp. of butter to the cooked food, since most of the oil gets cooked away.

At Nicki’s Nutrition kitchen we use avocado oil and olive oil for all of our cooking purposes, spray is mainly used for non-stick purposes and then we add olive oil to the grains as well as use avocado oil and olive oil for making dressings. Again PLEASE make your own salad dressing or buy a brand that only contains one of these healthy oils. Unhealthy salad dressings that contain poor quality oils are a great way to turn a healthy meal into an unhealthy meal. If you are looking for a store bought salad dressing primal kitchen used avocado oil and has some great varieties.

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