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Goal Setting Is A Necessity

Goal setting is one of the most important parts of any fitness program and needs to happen every two to three months.  We make it mandatory.  More important than setting your goals is having someone to hold you accountable.  This is where our Coaches come in to play and do our best work.  If you are already a member at Wreck Room you know how this 15-minute session plays out.

Every session starts with you telling us your Bright Spots.  Bright Spots are your wins and successes, both big and small that happen in and out the gym.  Have you ever heard the phrase “Success feeds motivation?”  It couldn’t be truer.  Each small win gives us the desire to get that next win, then the next, then the next.

The next part is the goal setting.  Each member comes up with three short term goals (1-2 months away) and their ultimate long-term goal (4-6 months away).  Don’t have a clue where to start?  That’s ok, we have just the right questions to help.  There are three categories of fitness goals; accountability, performance, and aesthetics.

Accountability – This is making it to the gym X number of times per week or tracking your food X number of days per week.  It’s taking what you normally do and challenging yourself to do just a little more.

Performance – Maybe you want to increase your strength by 10%, get that first pull-up, move faster in the workouts, or just be more efficient with your movements.

Aesthetics – Losing/gaining weight, inches, body fat percentage, or comparing before and after pictures are fantastic ways to approach aesthetic goals.

We move on to the missing pieces in your fitness journey.  What is your lowest hanging fruit?  What is the one thing missing that could have the biggest impact on your goals?  Whatever it is we will find a solution.

Now that we’ve dug some goals out of you and found your lowest hanging fruit it is time to draw the road map there and begin the accountability process.   Having someone to check in with you daily, weekly or monthly dramatically increases your chances of success.

Have you been doing your goal setting?

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