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Glendale Elementary: Camaraderie, Energy and Building Relationships

We have been lucky enough to coach the staff at Glendale Elementary since December of 2015 and it has been an absolute blast.  They work hard all day with the kids and always find a way to dig deep for the workouts.

Glendale Group Pic

The CrossFit workouts are challenging and force you out of your comfort zone but are very rewarding. Not just physically but mentally and emotionally rewarding.  CrossFit from a distance can be easily misconstrued but here is what some teachers had to say about how their first impression has changed.

Kathy: “I was very intimidated, at first.  I didn’t think I would be able to do some of the moves. Although I don’t “love” all of the moves, my confidence has grown tremendously!!”

Laura: “I was worried that the work-outs were going to be too hard for me and that I would always be one of the last people finished.  I have been surprised about the things I have been able to do and get excited about the different workouts.”

Jocelyn: “At first I was worried because I was afraid that it would be too hard core for me- that I wouldn’t be able to do it.  But the workouts always change and are interesting and keep me motivated!”

We meet four days a week at 4pm, right after the teachers finish for the day.  The convenience of having the workouts in the gym at school is one of their favorite parts of the program.

Lindsay puts it very well; “I stay late at school every day and would get frustrated because I wasn’t able to make the gym. Now I after a long day at work and meetings I get to drop everything and walk to our gym and do a 45 minute workout. I absolutely love it! I’ll leave the workout up on the easel and the kids come in and want to know what we did. I love that I can get my workout in and come back and work and not feel rushed to leave or make the gym.”

 With CrossFit being scalable to all fitness levels it is the perfect solution to group classes and corporate wellness.  There are many, many benefits to working out with your peers day to day.

Lauren: “The best part about working with teachers is when you have rough day at school, they understand how you feel.  They are there to encourage me and push me through the workout.  We have so much fun and great laughs together.”

Kathy: “The relationships we are building!  And, I like the accountability that comes with working out with your peers.”

Jocelyn:The camaraderie and the accountability.  I have to keep going since they are!”

But what about the kids?  Do they see any benefit this program?  Absolutely!  A happy and energetic teacher makes for a great teacher.  This program also provides the teachers with the knowledge to get the kids to start moving during class or “brain breaks” as they’re called.

Laura: “It has helped me to understand how students feel when they are not as good as others at something.  I can relate to them and help them understand that they should strive to do better than they were the previous day and not compare themselves to others.”

Jocelyn:  “I have more energy when I work out and because I feel better about myself, I’m more positive with my students.”

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