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Excuses For Not Getting Results At The Gym

What is at the root of being Happier, Healthier, and Better?

Well that answer is different for everyone but for the majority of us it was a time when we exercised consistently and ate pretty well.

At some point in the last few years you reached out to us but for some reason we never had a chance to work together.  It happens, we get it.

Some of you found out about us through a Facebook ad about a 6-week challenge.  Others found out about us because they had an “ah-ha” moment and started doing research on Google and we popped up.  Some of you even had a friend of a friend of a friend who worked out here and you saw something on their social media so maybe you went down that rabbit hole of CrossFit a little bit.

Regardless of why there was contact you thought for at least a second “this may be the solution to my problem” then you either changed your mind or something came up.

What sort of problems do we hear the most: (think about which one most applies to you)

  1. You’re bored at your current gym doing the same things every day. It’s not fun anymore.
  2. What you are doing isn’t working anymore. You have plateaued.
  3. You have no motivation to work out.
  4. You want to tone up and know you need to lift weights to do it but don’t know how.
  5. You are new to the area and don’t really know a lot of people.
  6. You want and need accountability.
  7. You work out regularly but don’t know anything about nutrition.
  8. You want to work out in a group.
  9. As a female you feel uncomfortable in the weight room at a regular gym.

Once you’ve read through this list, do me a favor and drop a comment with a number corresponding to which one (or multiple) that applies to you the most.

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