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Consistency in coaching is #1

Imagine a softball umpire who changes the strike zone every inning or a restaurant you like has great service or bad service depending on the day you go.  The point is none of us like being surprised.  All we want is consistency and know what to expect with everything we do.  The athletes at Wreck Room know what to expect from their Coaches every day they are here.  We spend A LOT of time onboarding new coaches so we can build consistency in the way they run a group class.  Could you imagine if a gym asked a member to get their L1 and they started coaching group classes the following week?  I want to say it is unheard of but unfortunately it is more common than you think.

The process is not easy and starts long before a potential coach gets their CrossFit Level 1 Cert.  We start with a program call the Advanced Theory Course.  It is free to all members and runs one hour per week for four weeks.  This is a chance for members to learn How we do the things we do and Why we do them the way we do. Not only coaching on the floor but how we run the business as well.  It is important they are educated in everything.

After the ATC we invite them to the next step which is shadowing classes and prepping for their CF L1 course.  Each coach will shadow a minimum of 25 group classes with a different focus each class.  Ie; warm-up, managing time, giving proper 1-1 time, etc.

Once they have shadowed their classes and taken and passed their course they run three more classes all by themselves with a veteran coach auditing them.  They must hit all every line item consistently before becoming an official coach.

Once they have officially become a part of the team they sign a coach’s agreement, get their coaches shirts, and start helping!  This whole process takes approximately three months and a lot of spare time each week.  This is what it takes to build a great team that is very consistent in everything they do.

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