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Consistency and Sustainability with Nutrition


If you want to lose weight here is a plan. If you want to tone up, only eat these foods. This program will get you any results in a month.

Nutrition: Create good sustainable habits. Start with a huge food list (no restrictions). Track, measure, and optimize regularly.

When it comes to nutrition the only thing that truly matters is consistency and sustainability.  This is why a big part of our focus is on meal prepping.

There are a few different ways to start with improving your nutrition:

  1. Sign up for a MLM program where you have to buy a ton of products and supplements and crash after 30 days.
  2. Find a general meal plan that comes with a shopping list and recipes and hope that you like everything on it.
  3. Start with the basics of learning how to create your own custom meal plans and shopping lists with the foods you like.

Most of us have tried the first and/or second one before but how did that end up?

Here is where we know we have the right system and process.

Part 1 – Replacing bad habits with good habits

Any nutrition program out there will start with telling you to cut a bunch of things out of your diet and that makes sense.  No fast food, no fried food, no soda, and so on.  But what do you replace it with?

We start by getting people in the mindset of meal prepping.  Even if you don’t prep the best of meals but you always have your pre-made breakfast or lunch at work with you, you have automatically given yourself a reason not to grab something on the way in or go out to eat.

There’s not much point in learning everything if you are not going to stick with it long term.

Part 2 – Keep it broad and inclusive

Like most people you have tried a bunch of different programs and maybe they worked and maybe they didn’t.  Even if it worked, why aren’t you still doing it?  Was it not sustainable?

Most programs start by being very restrictive as to what you can have and over time might include some additional things back in………..just maybe though.

What if you started and could have ANYTHING you wanted?  Already feeling successful right?  The catch is that each food has a number/quantity associated with it so your portions will be in line.  But you can still have whatever you want.  That’s already a win!

Part 3 – Optimize

So, you’ve been using the large food list, creating meals, and prepping a few meals for the week and you’re doing well but the results have plateaued.  This is normal and it happens with everything.  Now it’s time to optimize.  Let’s make that food list a little smaller and dial in on some of the better options then measure those results.  It takes time to see what’s working and what’s not but as long as we track and measure, we won’t waste any time.

Part 4 – There’s no quick fix

I wish I could sit here and say “if you want to lose weight here is a plan” or “if you want to tone up, only eat this food and that food” or “this program will get you any results in a month” but none of that would be true.  Everyone has different goals, different backgrounds, different lifestyles, and different habits.  This is why we start broad and optimize based on your personal differences.

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