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Chris Shepard – Get Quick Results With CrossFit

My name is Chris and I started CrossFit about a month ago at the Wreck Room CrossFit Box in Glen Burnie, Maryland.

My wife had attended a session there and loved it, so I decided to get off the couch and join her. I had always been a fan of the CrossFit games, but I’ve never actually attempted those exercises, so it’s been really good over the last month.

Butch, the owner there at Wreck Room CrossFit is great at motivating and teaching, and just explaining the movements. And I have seen great results over the last month. I feel better, I feel stronger, I feel leaner, but on paper, I have lost five pounds of body fat and gained three pounds of muscle. And that just feels so good to work so hard over the last month and achieve those results. So, if you are on the fence about trying CrossFit, or if you’re looking for a gym, come out to the CrossFit Box at Wreck Room CrossFit in Glen Burnie, Maryland.

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