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Athlete To Coach Ratio

What is the athlete to coach ratio during any given class?

Athlete to coach ratio is important especially in the CrossFit world.  Where CrossFit has been very successful is how they found a middle ground between working out by yourself for $30 bucks a month and doing Personal Training for $300+ per month.  If the CrossFit gym has proper structure all members should get plenty of 1-1 time throughout the entire hour.  This would be hard to do if you don’t have standards on what you consider a fair ratio.  At Wreck Room it is 12-1 but can vary.

If we are using complex movements the ratio will be less and a second coach would be on the floor.  If we are simply running, rowing, doing burpees, etc the ratio can be a little higher because the risk is minimal.  A lot of this we can see ahead of time since our members sign into classes ahead of time.

Have the structure to make sure athletes get the right amount of help every workout is something we do very well and is one of the most important systems a gym should have in place.  No members get left behind.

When you set up your No Sweat Intro below do it during a class time so you can see how these things work.

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