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Adam Wasmus: Who are these people?

My name is Adam Wasmus and I am from Severn Park, MD.  I am a Senior Manager for a software company called Blackboard. I also work for Major League Baseball as a Field Timing Coordinator.

I heard about this new thing called ‘Crossfit’. I was looking for something to keep me in shape and help prevent injury, so I could continue to play in all the sport leagues I was participating in. I completed my foundations course at BWI Crossfit in 2010, and was excited to start but work sent me to Australia for a few months, and it all got side tracked. I went back to working out at Gold’s and was very bored. Then in 2012 I signed up to run a Tough Mudder, and I used that as an excuse to get back into Crossfit. I joined a gym, District Crossfit, near my work in DC, and was there for 1.5 years. Then finally Butch opened a gym, and I switched to Wreck Room.

My first impression was “Who are these people?” I played sports my entire life and worked out, and I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t keep up with them in workouts. Everyone was so nice, and so willing to help me get better, and always said it will come, just keep working. I also enjoyed the challenge each new workout would bring.

Crossfit is not as intimidating as my first day. The community of people hasn’t changed, different gym, new people, but everyone has the same attitude, friendly and looking not to just improve themselves, but everyone around them. Workouts are still a new challenge each day, and I just want to keep learning and improving each day.

My biggest hurdle was pull-ups.  When I started I could only do strict pull-ups, and my max was 3, and I couldn’t comprehend how to kip either. When wods came with pull-ups I was doing jumping pull-ups. I used to show up each day 10 mins before class and do 3 strict pull-ups and practice kipping. As time went on it turned into 5 strict pull-ups. Then it turned into 10, and learned some kind of kip.

The first goal I hit was completing Rx pull-ups in a WOD.  Currently I am re-learning Double Unders and continuing to balance my squat since my injury. The next big goals is ring Muscle-Ups

Since my injury I feel great. My doctor cleared me for all movements on Jan 1 this year, and my goal was to get back to where I was before I was injured. I changed my diet, and focused on my goal. I was frustrated plenty of days, and wanted to quit, but just kept pushing. Just kept telling myself just do better than yesterday, it will come. Clarissa also did a good job of pushing me and listening to me complain. To this date I feel stronger and have better endurance than I was pre-injury. I still have things to work on to get back to 100%, but super happy with my progress so far.

I would say my ability and strength. I started out doing fitness workouts (except my first day, I did Karen Rx and thought I died.) My goal was to do Rx workouts. Since then I have learned so many new movements and gained the strength to do them. I continue to learn everyday which is great.

Getting my first Bar Muscle up in this year’s open. I don’t remember how it happened. I just remember 10 secs left on the clock, and Larry and Andy yelling at me, and next thing I know I was up in the air. It was definitely awesome.

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