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Your pathway to fitness success

Everyone likes a clear cut pathway to an end result.  Here at Wreck Room there are a few different pathways to the fitness level you desire.  The first things you need to ask yourself: How do you define being fit?  What are my goals?  How will you feel when you’ve reached that goal?

To get a better understanding of why being fit is so important we can take a look at the wellness continuum.  If we are maintaining an average healthy lifestyle and staying in that Wellness stage, what happens when we catch a cold?  We fall closer to the Sickness stage where that little cold could a big effect on us.  What happens if we are closer to the Fitness stage and we catch a cold?  We fall closer to the Wellness stage where we will still feel good and healthy.

Wellness Continuum

The gym and working out plays a big part in many people lives, as it should.  Our focus is to help each and every person get as close to the Wellness stage as they possibly can.  We want to give you the tools you need to continue living a longer, healthier lifestyle.

So how will the beginning of your journey look?

For everyone the first part is Awareness.  You know you need to make a change and know that Wreck Room can help.

Next, you do a little research and see everything we have to offer.  What program is best for me?  What if I haven’t been active in years?  There will be a lot of these questions you will ask yourself which typically leads to paralysis by analysis: you do so much research and get into your own head and eventually do nothing.

From there you may reach out via email, call or text and we will set up a No Sweat Intro.  During this intro all we want is to learn about you, your goals and how we can help you.  There are no sales pitches, no last minute special offers or ulterior motives.  You have done your research and want to make Wreck Room is the right fit.

The CrossFit Route:

For those who HAVE prior experience…..

Step 1 – Test out.  After a quick warm-up you would need to perform the 10 more technical movements we do on a regular basis without any instruction.  Oly lifts, power lifts, gymnastics, etc.

Step 2 – Foundations.  After you test out we determine if any 1-1 sessions are necessary and if so, how many.  Read more about Foundations here.

Step 3 – Jump into the classes and get to work!

For those with NO prior experience…..

Step 1 – Foundations.  After our No Sweat Intro and goal setting session we begin our five 1-1 Foundations sessions.  Here we will cover the 30 or so movements we do on a regular basis while covering the more technical ones multiple times.

Step 2 – Classes.  You have finished the five 1-1 sessions and are confident and ready to go.

The Personal Training Route:

Step 1 – No Sweat Intro.  We have chatted and come to the conclusion that CrossFit or Lite Fit is right for you but not group classes.

Step 2 – We design your workouts specifically for YOUR goals.  We schedule the sessions when they are convenient for YOU.  Any day, any time!

Step 3 (Optional) – Bring a friend or family member to do personal training with you and we will help with the cost.

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