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The Best Gear For CrossFit

There is a lot of gear out there that can really help your workout performance and/or just make certain movements more comfortable overall.  You’ve likely seen other people at the gym with different types of gear and wondered what it’s for, if you really need it, where to get it, and how much it costs. 

Here are some recommendations but your best bet is to ask other people what they have, how they like it, and if they would have gone with something different.  

CrossFit Specific Shoes

CrossFit shoes are different because they have minimal cushion but still enough to make running and jumping manageable.  Having shoes with a lot of cushion can make you feel like you are standing on a mattress.  Now imagine you’re doing squats, cleans, jerks, etc. while standing on a mattress, not very pleasant.  

  • Reebok Nanos
    • Cost is $75 to $130+ (you can regularly find deals and discounts if you get on their email list) and you can find them here.
    • Pro Tip – The even number generations (2, 4, 6, 8, and 10) have proven to be the better versions overall.
  • No Bulls
    • Cost is $130 and up (you’ll rarely, if even, see this discounted at a lower price) and you can find them here.
    • Pro Tip – Be sure they have some arch support so your ankles don’t cave in while working out.

Knee Sleeves

Knee sleeves are great if you have regular aches and pains as they are designed to keep your knees very warm, especially in the colder months. You also get a little cushion when your back knee touches the ground on lunges.

Pro Tips – These get sweaty and nasty so buying 2-3 pair would be beneficial.  

You’ll also want to check the sizing charts to make sure you get ones that fit properly.

They come in 5mm and 7mm thickness so if you have more aches and pains, go with 7mm.

Jump Ropes

Nothing will help you get double unders faster than having your own rope.  The handles always spin the same, the length is always the same, which means there’s never any adjusting.

  • Rogue SR-1 – Cost is $26 per rope and you can find them here. You’ll see a lot of other members with their own ropes that look like this one.
  • X-Training Equipment – Cost is $6 per rope and you can find them here. These definitely do the trick and are the same ones we have here at the gym for you to borrow. 

Grips & Gloves

Hanging from the bar can beat up your hands a lot, as we all know.  Wearing grips or gloves will save your hands but make it near impossible to fully grip and hang from the bar for a longer period of time.  It’s a trade-off.

  • Grips – Cost is around $40 and you can find them here. You can also find a ton of different and cheaper options on Amazon.
  • Gloves – Cost is $10 to $30 and there are many options that you can find here. 
  • Half Glove – Cost is around $20 and just covers your calluses.  There are a lot of options that you can find here. 

Wrist Wraps

These come in handy any time your wrist is bent back pretty far like when doing push-ups, handstands, push press/jerks, front squats, etc. It also helps to keep the sweat from dripping down your arms onto your hands.

  • Rogue (with velcro) – Cost is $15 and you can find them here.  These are simple and quick to put on and will last a long time.
  • Rogue (twist and tighten) – Cost is $25 and you can find them here. These are thinner than the bulkier velcro ones and give you the flexibility to loosen and tighten them in just seconds as you’re working out.  

Olympic Lifting Shoes

These are a game changer for any days we have squatting.  Front squats, overhead squats, squat cleans, squat snatches, etc.  

You’ll likely be in CrossFit for 18-24 months, long after you’ve already bought CrossFit specific shoes, before making this purchase.  They get expensive but you will have them for a lifetime. 

  • Nike – Cost is $120 to $200 and you can find them here.  
  • Reebok – Cost is upwards of $200 and you can find them here. Occasionally you can find these on sale.  
  • No Bulls – Cost is $300 and up and you can find them here.  Rarely, if ever do these go on sale.


When you get started in CrossFit you are going to do A LOT of different exercises that you’ve never done and some of those are bound to be uncomfortable.

Don’t feel the need to buy anything or everything right as you get started.  Get going for a few weeks and as situations arise (knee pain, wrist pain, etc.) start looking into this type of gear.  

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