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Planning your year of results

Members of Wreck Room will spend December planning out their results for next year.

First, we will review what your “Perfect Fitness” goal is.  Then we will choose their goals that lead to their perfect result.  Performance goals, nutrition goals, aesthetic goals, and accountability goals.

I’m sure we have all heard the “rocks in a glass” analogy so let’s run with that.  You fill the holes between the rocks with pebbles.  Then you fill the holes between the pebbles with sand. Then you fill the tiny air pockets with water.

For the sake of math let’s divide the year up into four parts.

Your “rocks” are your goals you are aiming to hit every three months.  This could be down 30lbs by March, compete locally in June, lose another 20lbs by September, and increase all of your Olympic lifts by 20% by December.  Of course, these can and will likely change which is completely fine.

Next, we add the “pebbles”.  These are the big components that will help get you closer to each “rock” every quarter.  If my first rock is to lose 30lbs then I am going to get on a nutrition plan and start coming to workouts 4-5 times per week.  When I am preparing for my second rock, (competition) I am going to sign up for a couple specialty excursions like weightlifting or gymnastics to hone in on my skills to improve faster or throw in some personal training.  Hopefully I am still sticking to my nutrition plan and coming consistently as these “pebbles” don’t go away.

Next, we have the “sand” in the glass.  The sand is going to be the steps that support your pebbles.  For the nutrition part I am going to make sure I have everything I need to meal prep every week.  I am also going to avoid going out to eat during the week.  When it comes time to prepare for the competition my “sand” will be focusing on proper recovery and building the endurance to compete 3-4 workouts in one day.

Finally, we get to the “water”.  This is what fills in the gap between everything else.  For most, it is going to involve coaching, mentoring, accountability, or something along those lines.  What is going to keep us on track to fill in the glass with the sand, pebbles, and rocks.  At Wreck Room we push goal setting pretty hard.  Having that face to face accountability meeting can keep us on track.

Now, can some of this overlap?  Absolutely.  Nothing wrong with that as long as we stay on track.  On the other-hand we also need to prepare for the obstacles and hurdles that might get in the way.  Maybe you’re a CPA and you know that January to April is going to be brutal.  Plan accordingly.

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