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La’Ron Moses: Teen Staying Active

I was just looking for something to do with my free time and staying active but not going into sports because I don’t like the pressure from others if I mess up or just something awkward but without the negatives from someone else. Then one day my Mom showed me a website for a CrossFit program for teens which would allow me to be more active and also become physically stronger which is what I wanted to be so I went for a week and liked it ever since.

I knew the program was going to be tough and I was ready for it too but what I didn’t really expect was it keeps the intensity up which I didn’t get from going to the gym and exercising the way I did it normally, but I liked it because no matter how many movements I learned every day was new.

I had two goals.  They were to be able to deadlift 100 pounds and lose ten pounds but the first i was able to achieve to deadlift the 100 pounds now the heaviest I’ve done is 170 pounds.

My favorite movement is the deadlift because it shows strength the most and I like to see how strong I’ve gotten week by week.

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