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Jen Wheeler – Ready To Start Feeling Better?

I’m Jennifer Wheeler, and I am 62, and have been Glen Burnie CrossFit / Wreck Room CrossFit for 10 months now. I started CrossFit last summer when I was looking for a different type of exercise option and this came available.

When I ran into Butch, I Knew nothing about it. He showed me, let me try it out, did a bootcamp for a month with Brittany, and I was hooked.

I love the way I feel, I am much stronger, I have a core now, and I know that my legs are stronger, my muscle mass is definitely increased, and I just feel like I’m so much stronger around all my major joints, and for people who are aging, it’s important to have that strength around your major joints to help avoid injury, and that’s really my goal.

I’m certainly not going to compete, but I appreciate watching some of the others that prepare for competition.

I like the camaraderie of the gym, and I am really enjoying the quality of training that I receive. It’s great training, it’s like a Personal Training session every time you go because the trainers are so focused on your form, they don’t want you to sustain injury, and that’s probably what I appreciate the most about going to CrossFit, and yes there are days when I just think, it’s too hot, I can’t do this. But I go, they encourage me, and I feel great afterwards, and now I don’t hurt as much the next morning, so I know it’s working. I hope that you’re really giving some serious consideration in joining Wreck Room CrossFit in Glen Burnie, MD. You’re never too old.

❗️ ❗️If you are a bit older and want to get moving, gain a little muscle, and strengthen those joints, we can help. And the best part? Your Intro session is completely FREE.
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