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Hang Power Clean vs “Full” Power Clean

A few times someone has asked, “how heavy should my hang power clean be compared to my power clean?”

The quick answer is 85-95% but here are a couple of things to be mindful of…..

  1. The Hang Power Clean is a shorter range of motion which makes it harder to generate enough power to pull the bar up but there is also less room for error in the movement making your technique gooder and smoother.
  2. The “Full” Power Clean comes from the floor and because of that you can really load up your legs (quads, hamstrings, glutes, hips, etc.) and get that bar moving with more power but because we are adding to the range of motion the room for error increases.

If both maxes are the same weight, what does that tell you?  It says that something is happening in your 1st pull from the floor to mid-thigh.  

  • Maybe the bar is getting out in front of you too much.  
  • Maybe your mobility doesn’t allow you to set up low enough and your weight is shifting to the balls of your feet.  
  • Maybe your hamstrings are a little weak and when you pull from the floor your hips shoot up in the air first (stripper deadlift).

How do your numbers compare?

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