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Gale Schneck – Are you feeling the effects of aging?

Hi, everybody, my name’s Gale Schneck and, I am going to be 65 years old in July. I’ve also been a member of Wreck Room CrossFit in Glen Burnie for the last 5 years. And, this is something I wasn’t sure I wanted to do, but I had a daughter who was doing it, and she thought, mom, you can do this, give it a try, so I thought, what the heck? What’s it gonna hurt?

If I can’t, I can’t, but, I did, and I haven’t regretted it since. I used to go to the gym. I used to run, back to the gym, back to running, back to the gym, back and forth, back and forth.

And, I just wasn’t getting anything out going to the regular gym by myself. And I never saw a difference in myself. But, when I started doing CrossFit, I saw a different me. My body has proportioned differently. I’ve gotten stronger, I’ve got more energy. My cardio is way up there, which I love, and this has been due to going to Wreck Room CrossFit on a regular basis.

Three, four times a week I would get in there and go. I find I love it.

Couple of the reasons are…

1) The fact that you have coaches who give you a workout every day. And, it’s never the same, all the time. It works, some days you

could be working all cardio, other days it could be all weights, but most days are a combination of the two. It benefits you either way. You just do the best you can.

2) They help me modify the workouts to fit my needs. If there are things I can’t do, these coaches are so great that they will find something you can do that will benefit you.

Being older, like I am, you tend to get more aches, but they work around that, and they’ll find something that’s not going to irritate whatever’s bothering you. You keep modifying the movements, so you don’t stop,

3) I look forward to actually going. This is something I need to do, because, while working all day, I’m sitting most of the day, and I need something to do to get me up and moving and motivated. If I go straight home, well, you go home and sometimes I feel like I don’t want to get out, but, this motivates me to do these things,

4) I also love the people there. They are so supportive. They cheer you on when you’re doing something. Maybe in your mind you’re a little competitive, but you still want to see that other person do well, and that’s what this community is about. Helping each other out, doing anything you can to encourage a person to continue what they’re doing.

5) The coaches are fantastic. They want to be helpful any way they can, whether it be with nutrition, or just finding the right workouts for you. This is what they do, and they’re good at it.

I appreciate everything they’ve shown me. Sometimes I think, if I get too old to do this, I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I know I won’t.

It’s good to get into this. It keeps your mind off being old, that’s what I liked about it.

So, if you’re serious about trying to get into shape, call the Wreck Room CrossFit in Glen Burnie, they will get you back in shape.

Between eating well, getting in shape, and just feeling good about yourself,

is plenty of reason to give it a shot,

Oh, and it’s fun, too, by the way. The people are great.

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