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Friday is the most important day of the week

Joe got a promotion, Tom finished his first mile run, and Kristy dumped that douchebag she was dating.

Every Friday at Wreck Room we all share and celebrate everyone’s successes from the week by posting them in our private Facebook group. This is what we call Bright Spots Friday (BSF).  We focus on the good and positive and provide a platform for everyone to share what they did well without the fear of judgement like being viewed as cocky or conceded.  If one of your close friends had a great week and was really excited about it, wouldn’t you be excited for them and want to share yours?  Absolutely you would.

Success leads to motivation, not the other way around.  Each little win gives you the drive for the next win, then the next, and so on until the wins become bigger and more frequent.  End your week on a good note by jotting down and posting your Bright Spots to Facebook.  I know it sounds corny and a little weird and it will be the first time but I can assure you it will change your mindset.  It also helps you end your brutal week on a good note and go into your weekend with a big smile on your face.

Need a place to start? Find one physical, personal, and professional success from the week and post it to our Glen Burnie Fitness and Nutrition FB Page. We want to celebrate with you!

Don’t want to post them?  Email them to [email protected].

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