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Andrea Tompkins – Never Too Old For CrossFit

I’m Andrea and I’m here at the home of Wreck Room CrossFit in Glen Burnie, MD. I was a long-distance runner for 40 years, and one day, I woke up and I just wasn’t interested in the run anymore.

I just needed something new to my daily routine of working out. I needed something challenging, and I needed something that would interest me.

So, I Googled several sites about working out and different things that I could do for my physical self, and I ended up coming to Wreck Room CrossFit.

Immediately, when I sent a message, I received a response, and that response was, “you let us know what a good date and time for you, come on on, we’d love to sit down and talk, and let’s see if we can help you reach your goals”.

And I loved that, so I arrived, and I ended up spending a great amount of time with Butch, and I had the basic goals as everyone else, right? Get in shape, lose some weight, get stronger, get faster, get better, but it was just a matter of, how was I gonna do that?

Also, the other thing is, I’m from the Baby Boomer generation, and I have different goals. Though I work out with younger kids, I work with all ages and stages, when it comes to CrossFit, I have different priorities, and those priorities for me are balance, coordination, agility, flexibility, mobility, and functionality in my physical self.

So, though I wanna get stronger, and though I wanna get faster, I still need to maintain the very thing that my generation is struggling with.

So, again, I’ve been here for three and a half years. If I was to give you any advice, it’s show up, come join me, come join us here at Wreck Room CrossFit in Glen Burnie.

You’ll find that we truly are a community of people trying to help you improve you and trying to help you get to where you wanna go. I hope to see you.

We can help you just like we help Andrea.  Follow her footsteps:

❓ Are you in the Baby Boomer generation and ready to get your life back❓.

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