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Andrea Tompkins: Getting something from every workout

My family and I are new to the State of Maryland. With promotion comes movement and we have moved eight times in the last 11 years.  My husband and I are busy keeping up with our two athletic boys, ages 13 and 15. Monday thru Friday, I am a vendor authorization and compliance specialist. My work environment changes daily. I can be out in-the- field one day and sitting at my desk the next.

I found Wreck Room by searching for a new physical activity to do. I was a long distance runner for 40 years and one day I woke up and I wasn’t driven to run anymore.  Also, I wanted to find something that was different from the day to day grind of the doing the same workout in the gym. It had to be challenging and it had to keep my interest. That is what I love about Wreck Room and my work out group of Lite Fit. I’m challenged daily.  One of the things that kept me in love with running for years was the cadence of the run. I loved the consistency of the movement. It has a rhythm.  Almost seeming mindless, but at times difficult to keep going.  Lite Fit is like that for me now. The workout is strenuous and challenging, but I can set my pace, find my rhythm to where it’s almost mindless, but at times so difficult to keep going.

What stood out to me the first time walking into Wreck Room was everyone was involved in the workout. Butch and I sat down and watched both CrossFit and Lite Fit in action.  Butch asked me what were my immediate and long range goals? I gave him such a generic answer, “lose weight, be challenged, do something different.” I was so unattached to working out because I was just burned out. Now I have several goals I want to reach. Double-unders repeated in sequence, upside down pushups, 10 strict pull ups, and rope climb to name a few.

My specific why for coming to class? I get something from every workout. It may be physical, emotional, or mental or even all three, but I get something positive from Wreck Room every time I show up.

My favorite part of Wreck Room is the gathering of all ages and all stages of physical capabilities. We all become leaders to someone else. Though we might not have been able to do a specific skill when we started, we find over time we can do it and we help others to be able to do it too.

Proudest accomplishment to date? Doing 3 unbroken strict pull-ups!

If I could have a WOD named after me (which I would love), this is what it would look like: 20 lunges (10 each leg), 25 wall balls, 50 sit-ups, and then a 200m run. Repeat with a 400m run. Repeat with a 600m run. End with a 800m run. That should make one done for the day!

Out of all the exercises we do, I would be happy to never do another ring row.

The changes that have occurred outside of Wreck Room are because of what takes place at Wreck Room. I have physically changed. I have lost 22 lbs to date. Only four more to go! Of course my strength and endurance has improved, but so has my coordination and balance.

If I had to give one piece of advice to anyone getting started at Wreck Room it would be; to make your workouts a priority. Commit yourself to the process of working out consistently and give 100% of yourself for six months. Not six days, not six weeks, but six months. This allows you to set realistic goals. Give yourself time to be successful and to work on your failures.

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