Julie Martin

My name is Julie Martin and I was raised in Pasadena and made a lateral move when I bought a house in Glen Burnie. I am a dispatcher for a trucking company working 2nd shift. I am in the hiring process for Natural Resources Police through Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources. (DNR)

I came to CrossFit after hearing about this job opportunity^^ that required passing a physical agility test, I began to attempt to train on my own. With failed attempts and little to no improvement, I reached out to Butch for personal training.

My first impression was being nervous and intimidated, and after seeing what my base starting point was, just felt weak. I thought there was no way I was going to reach the strict goals I set for myself in such a short amount of time. I was also scared to death that I was going to hurt myself. I have suffered back pain for years and have been so sedentary that I really didn’t think I had a chance. I wanted to see how capable my body actually was. I am not nearly as nervous to try things and I’m not afraid to cheer people on or ask for help.

There are several goals I hit. I would say the first goal was push-ups. I was so focused because I started with little to NO upper body strength. My test required 18 in a minute and in 5 short weeks, I was doing 18 in 30 seconds.

My new goals are getting a strict Pull-up, Hand-stand Push-ups (If I can do 18 plank push-ups in 30 seconds, why not try for a hand-stand push up?)

Compared to when I started I now feel stronger and much more energized. Because of diet change (key!) and making the time to work out, I have gained strength and remain determined to keep going forward with my health and strength.

The biggest change so far is my attitude about being able to do things and not being afraid of being in pain. That’s what doctors are for!! The last time I was really in a lot of pain was Summer 2016. I was afraid to do anything, was eating Tylenol like candy and just became lazy out of fear.

So far, my favorite Wreck Room moment was 2 days before testing when I had to practice my push-ups. Butch timed me and when I hit my limit he told me to check the clock. I turned to look and it read 00:30. I thought he started the time late or was just messing with me. I felt like he was proud of what I had accomplished more than I was. I was in complete disbelief. 2nd best moment was showing up to let you know I passed the 2nd test!!!!! 🙂