If you have ever been on a cruise ship you know at some point you need to change it up a little and add some spice to your trip.  Every couple of days the ship docks so you can jump on land and go on an excursion to spice it up.  After your excursion, getting back on the boat feels new again and now you have something to talk about, share with others, and most importantly a greater experience to enhance the rest of your trip.

Sometimes we must ignore our own mind, take a break and listen to others’ advice and try something new.  How many things in training and life do you not enjoy?  Burpees, wall balls, Fran, cleaning your house, hanging out with In-laws!  There is a lot we tolerate but don’t love.  However, maybe with some specific instruction these are things we can surprisingly love.  We have the tendency to love the things we are good at (of course right?) so let’s get out of our own way and learn to love something new.

Stay open minded and take an excursion!  You may just find your next love or just have some fun trying and learning something new.  Take a look Here at all of the upcoming Excursions and find your next challenge.