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COVID-19 Procedures

Are you looking for a gym in Glen Burnie with COVID procedures?


COVID Protocol

✅ Hand Washing

✅ Distancing

✅ Mask Wearing

✅   Equipment Cleaning

✅   Gym Cleaning

✅   Personal Space & Equipment

Front Desk/Arrival Procedures:

Upon arrival to the gym and prior to any session, every single person must wash their hands before going anywhere or touching anything.




  • All used equipment is wiped down with disinfectant wipes by the athlete.

  • Floors in teh workout area are sprayed with a disinfectant solution by the athlete.

  • The entire facility is cleaned professionally three times per week which includes:

    • Scrubbing the floors with a disinfectant solution.

    • High-touch surfaces, even those not in use during workouts, are wiped down.

    • All equipment is sprayed or wiped down.

    • Bathrooms are cleaned and disinfected top to bottom.

COVID-19 Reporting:

Your health, safety, and comfort levels are the first priority. It does no one any good to have lenient or no protocols in place.  To date, we have had ZERO cases within members and/or staff. That will likely change through the upcoming months but our protocols are in place to prevent any spread.

In the event a member or staff reports a positive test, the community will be notified immediately.  The person will remain anonymous and will self-quarantine according to the CDC guidelines.  That member or staff person may return to the gym in accordance with CDC guidance for discontinuation of isolation for persons with COVID-19.

Although we know that a member or staff person will eventually contract COVID-19 we are confident our protocols will prevent it from spreading within the gym.  We hold tigh to these standards.

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