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Butch Santucci - Owner/Coach

Contact – Butch@wreckroomcrossfit.com

Butch grew up playing sports at a very young age in the Pasadena/Glen Burnie area. He excelled in soccer through high school and college and continued to play competitively through the bulk of his 20’s.

After competitive soccer was over his life was missing that competitive push and team camaraderie that was always there. He then turned to a gym where he lifted weights by himself while listening to headphones and would maybe jump on a treadmill here and there until that quickly became boring.

While at the gym he started playing around with CrossFit-esque workouts and started to enjoy the gym again. Soon after he joined his first CrossFit gym in Baltimore City where he was hooked immediately. No more void. It didn’t take long before he learned a lot and found himself helping others more and more to the point that he was spending a couple hours every day after work for almost two years teaching CrossFit to a group of friends at a Gold’s Gym. That quickly turned into wanting to help more people on a larger scale which became Wreck Room.

When I’m not working or doing CrossFit…..

As an Affiliate Owner my life is CrossFit but when I do get some time away it usually involves the couch, TV, Magan, and Mac (my pup).

I CrossFit because…..

It is the most miserable, fun, challenging, exciting, and rewarding thing I have ever done.

My best CrossFit moment was…..

The day I opened Wreck Room.  That or the day I started!

I coach because…..

Helping others is the best feeling in the world.

My favorite coaching moment is…..

Bright Spots Friday.  This happens in our Wreck Room Facebook group where every Friday everyone posts all their successes and wins from the past week.  Not just workout related but family, hobby, or work related.

My favorite movement is……..

Toes to bar or rope climbs.  Gymnastee!

My least favorite movement is…..

Anything heavy.

Favorite cheat meal is…..

Very hot wings and and IPA

Alyson Becka - Coach

Contact – Alyson@wreckroomcrossfit.com

Alyson is a military spouse and a mother of 4.  Though active in sports as a child, as an adult, she found it hard to make time for herself and really struggled to find an activity that she enjoyed so much that she would stick with it.  

Alyson discovered Wreck Room in 2015 and immediately became obsessed with CrossFit.  Out of shape, she struggled with the workouts, but still found that the hour each day that she spent working out was quickly becoming her favorite hour.  The supportive community of CrossFit, specifically Wreck Room, make getting into the gym everyday, a pleasure.  

When I’m not working or doing CrossFit:

I enjoy traveling, cooking, and a nice, long Netflix binge.

I CrossFit because…..

I love the workouts and the people.  Taking that hour each day for myself makes me a better mother, spouse, and friend.  I need it for my sanity!

I Coach because…..

I love seeing people succeed.  I love to see people heal themselves through exercise and good nutrition.  I like to help people become better versions of themselves.

My favorite Coaching moment are…..

The moments that usually come during our Goal Setting sessions.  I enjoy hearing our athletes acknowledge their accomplishments!  I feel good knowing that they are proud of themselves.

My favorite movement is…..

I adore hang cleans, snatches, and burpees.

My least favorite movement…..

Gymnastics and Running.  Gross.

My favorite cheat meal is…..

An entire pan of brownies.  And good beer.  But not at the same time.

Chelsea Rohleder- Coach

Contact – Chelsea@wreckroomcrossfit.com

Born and raised in Maryland, Chelsea attended Towson University where she received her Bachelors in Athletic Training. Currently Chelsea works with high school level athletes. It is very fortunate to be able to work in a field where you love what you do.

The best part of her being an athletic trainer, is that she can be a part of an athletes success in doing what they love. Chelsea has always been active and involved in sports. While doing her general gym routine, Chelsea stumbled upon CrossFit by meeting a group of people who did CrossFit exercises together as a group.

This was the perfect opportunity to try something new and she began to develop a passion for it. It is more than just working out, it’s about giving your all in each work out and gaining not only strength, agility, endurance, and flexibility but bonds with the people around you. Everyone has a goal and everyone supports one another in achieving that goal here at Glen Burnie Fitness and Nutrition.

When I’m not working or doing CrossFit…..

I like to hang out with my dog or play social sports. Football, basketball or softball. 

I CrossFit because…..

It’s a great motivator. It’s always different and keeps my interest in a work out routine.  

My best CrossFit moment is…..

After a few years of doing CrossFit and weeks of progressions I was happy to get that first muscle up. Even better when we did a previous open WOD and I was able to do a muscle up in the work out. Never giving up, even when your not the best at something in the beginning feels amazing when it happens.  

I Coach because…..

I love that moment when someone has struggled with something for so long and finally overcomes that obstacle. Wether it be a PR on a weight, that first pull-up or they have lost 20lbs. Seeing their face when the time comes makes it all worth it.  

My best coaching moment is…..

When I motivated a member to try handstand push ups. She was afraid of going upside down but after I guided her she did it on her own. Then a few weeks later completed Rx handstand push ups! 

My favorite movement is…..

Split Jerk

My least favorite movement is…..

Squat Snatch 

My favorite cheat meal is…..

Stuffed shells with a Cinnabon for dessert. 

Fred Dayton - Coach

Contact – Fred@wreckroomcrossfit.com

Fred Dayton’s approach to life is simple, put in hard work and results will come. It was love at first sight, Fred developed a bond with Crossfit that many compare to a cult 🙂 

His methodology to coaching at Wreck Room focuses on improving fitness, educating, and helping everyone achieve their desired goals. The constant variation of countless functional movements coupled with the competition factor is what keeps Fred at the gym almost daily.

Coaching at Wreck Room has been an extremely rewarding experience, working to help everyone improve their fitness and live a healthier life is very encouraging. From a slight improvement to a highly technical movement to an athlete hitting a PR they’ve been working toward for months will keep Fred’s passionate dedication to Coaching Crossfit at Wreck Room for a long time. 

Haley Booth- Coach, Member Retention Specialist

Contact – Haley@wreckroomcrossfit.com

Being healthy and staying active are extremely important to her and her lifestyle. Ever since she started her fitness journey, she has set short term and long-term goals to keep herself accountable and stay on track. When she was younger, she played softball through high school but once she graduated, she really started to focus on competing. She ran 5Ks, 10Ks, and half marathons religiously. She also did a number of mud races and competed in a few triathlons. After a few years of racing, she then moved into the body building community and competed in figure competitions for 2.5 years. Each sport has taught her something different and led her to CrossFit.

When I’m not working or doing CrossFit…..

When I am not coaching at Wreck Room, I am teaching middle schoolers how be become healthy and active individuals. I am a Physical Education and Health teacher at General John Stricker Middle School. I wanted to become a Physical Education Teacher so our youth will recognize how important it is to make healthy lifestyle choices. Hopefully they will start this healthy lifestyle throughout their school-age years and maintain it into their adulthood. If they realize how important it is to take care of their bodies now and act upon it, then I have succeeded as an educator.

When I am not working out, I like to go hiking and play recreational sports. I also love being surrounded by people so when I am not at the box or at work, I am probably with my friends or my family. I also have two fur babies that I love spending time with. #catmama

I CrossFit because…..

I truly believe CrossFit is a lifestyle sport. Every movement we do in each workout is useful in everyday life. The workouts are always changing and there is always going to be something that I can improve on. I not only Crossfit for the killer workouts, I also Crossfit because of the community. Wreck Room takes pride in our community but it doesn’t stop there. The CrossFit community around the world is its own community. We all share a common interest in not just the workouts, but the challenge it takes to complete them.

My best CrossFit moment is…..

The first big goal I hit was probably a kipping pull-up. I was able to do regular pull-ups but involving the kip somehow made it 10x harder for me. When I used to train for competitions, we focused more on lifting weights and building muscle. Hitting a PR weight didn’t do as much for me if I were to compare it to gymnastics. I also remember consistently getting my first set of double-unders. I used to take my jump rope to LA fitness and practice a couple days a week until I could get them down. Accomplishing that was a huge goal as well.

I Coach because…..

I love to see people succeed and accomplish goals. Whether it is losing weight, getting their first double under or cleaning 200 lbs. It brings me so much joy to see faces light up because a goal was achieved. It is truly a privilege to help with their journeys.

My best Coaching moment is…..

Handstands and handstand push-ups are two of the hardest movements for our members to overcome. I remember walking someone through the handstand push-up stages and she got her first one just following my cues. It was a huge moment for her but it was also a huge moment for me because I helped her do it. I remember jumping up and down for her after she extended. That was a great moment.

My favorite movement is….

Surprisingly kipping pull-ups and snatches. Although my snatches always need some work, I really enjoy the movement.

My least favorite movement is…..

Toes to bar. I have yet to feel really accomplished with them.

My favorite cheat meal is…..

I love me some sushi and frozen yogurt. Not mixed together though…

Sarah Bovie - Coach

Contact – Lisa@wreckroomcrossfit.com

Sarah is a mom, a veterinary hospital manager, and loves being active. She has been a horseback riding coach for about 15 years, and absolutely loves it.  When the opportunity came for her to train as a CrossFit coach, she gladly took on the new challenge.  

Here at Wreck Room, she has found her people! She absolutely loves the ever supportive environment which is fostered here.  Whether it be teaching a new skill, explaining the “why” behind the movements, or pushing someone towards a new PR- she simply likes helping others.

When I’m not working or doing CrossFit…..

I like to spend my time doing projects around the house or doing something outdoorsy with my son.  As often as my schedule allows, we like to travel and explore new places.

I CrossFit because…..

It’s fun!  The workouts are constantly varying and I like how the movements can increase in difficulty as your technique improves.

My best CrossFit moments are…..

Any time I push myself, and accomplish something new or challenging.

I Coach because…..

I get to help people improve their overall health, and often times help people achieve things (lifting heavy, box jumps, running a half mile) that they didn’t think they could do.

My best coaching moments are…..

Watching an athlete push past the mental barriers and achieve a workout goal.  I think it’s really great how often people come in for a class and look at the WOD saying, “I can’t do that”…and then they do it!

My favorite movement is…..

I really enjoy power cleans, and box jumps.  I like the mental challenge of the box jump- and seeing people overcome that. 

My least favorite movement is…..

Running…wait, is that considered a “movement”?  That said, I try to run after each workout because it works!

My favorite cheat meal? 


Colin Dupreay - Coach

Contact – Colin@wreckroomcrossfit.com

Bio coming soon!

Magan Schneck - Coach

Contact – Magan@wreckroomcrossfit.com

Magan grew up in Pasadena, MD, currently lives in Glen Burnie and owns a Studio in Annapolis doing massage and skincare.

In High School I played Tennis and Softball, and also played on a travel league. After High School I was mainly just a gym buff until a group of friends asked if I wanted to try CrossFit. We were lucky enough to know Butch who was more than happy to introduce us to CrossFit exercises at the local Gold’s gym and the rest is history!

When I am not working or working out…..

When I’m not doing either I’m usually hanging out with my dog and boyfriend or my Wreck Room friends.

I CrossFit because…..

It’s unlike anything I’ve ever done before. I get to see results, I don’t have to plan my workouts and I get to work out with a great group of people. I’ve never been in better shape!

My favorite CrossFit moment…..

Is probably when I got my first strict pull-up, I never imagined being able to do that.

I coach because…..

I like helping people. Knowing someone is reaching their goals or improving themselves because of my help is a great feeling.

My best coaching moment is…..

Will always be helping a member achieve that “first” of something as I did.

My favorite movement is……


My least favorite movement is…..


My favorite cheat meal is…..

Anything from pizza, to nachos, to a burger and fries! It’s always changing!



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