Hi! My name is Lisa Shepperd and I am originally from a really small town in Northern California. I now live in Glen Burnie, MD and I am a detective with Prince George’s County Police Department.

I have always been active, but was starting to lack the motivation to keep on exercising on my own. Even when following pre-set workouts, like the P90x series, I would get bored and plateau. So when I saw the New You Challenge Ad posted on facebook, I figured I would give it a shot and see what CrossFit was all about.

When I first started the New You Challenge I was very excited.  And then Chelsea and Butch started talking about these snatches and cleans…workout terms I hadn’t heard of before. Then I watched them demonstrate them and thought, “There is no way I can do that”. But I did. It wasn’t pretty, but it was going to worked on.

Now it’s been six months. I can “speak” the CrossFit language for the most part but I still need some reminders here and there as to what is what. I always confuse my snatch lift-off and snatch pull. But it’s a work in progress.

My first goal that I hit was seeing my cardio endurance increase. A big part of staying active was to maintain cardiovascular endurance and all those 400, 600 and 800 meter runs paid off….as did the burpees and box jumps. Cardio was something that I would avoid and if I had to do it, I wouldn’t push myself. But shortly after starting CF, I had my fit test at work. My 1.5 mile run went from a 13:00 to a 11:25 after about 3 months of CF.


However, a bonus that I didn’t expect to see so soon was the inches I lost around my chest, waist and hips. It was the measurements that I took right after the New You Challenge was done. I saw the difference on paper, but I really noticed when I put my wedding dress on 3 days later. It was too big!

Right now I am currently working on hitting a 200 lb 1 rep max deadlift (I’m so close!). I would also like to hit a 100 lb. clean and 200 lb perfect back squat.

When I first started CF I didn’t really have any specific goals. I just wanted to stay in shape and heart healthy. Now I feel like if I put in the work, I can accomplish anything. I set goals for myself and I don’t mind setting really high weight goals. Those are goals that I know I can hit…in time.

What’s changed the most is my confidence in myself. I can now do 24” box jumps (willingly) and still survive a workout. I feel that I can push myself and I always try to give a little more. I didn’t realize what I was capable of prior to CF, but the coaches here have pushed me to see that I’m capable of a lot more than I thought.

My favorite Wreck Room moment so far has to be the In-House Competition that we did in early November. I hit a new PR on my clean and jerk, got to know some people better and had a blast. Seeing everyone giving it all during the competition and seeing the support from the coaches and other members who did not compete was great.

If I could give advice to anyone, I would say “Dream big. Set high expectations for yourself so that you are always pushing to that goal. When you reach it, increase it.” But first and foremost, join a CF box. It’ll be the best decision ever. There’s no price on your health.


For Lisa it all started with a No Sweat Intro.  Follow her lead and set up your appointment here.